Active deterrence cameras

The outdoor POE cameras with strobe light, white flash and audio intercom to discourage the intruders. Also ideal to deliver warning meassages. For stand-alone use or with our NVR



IP camera outdoor onvif

Waterproof casing suitable for outdoor White+IR LED illuminator 30 m. Full color night vision 2,8 mm. fixed lens SONY Starvis cmos Starlight POE or 12VDC power Built-in audio microphone 2 ways audio loudspeaker 2 ways audio via app Sounder Alarm white light Blue Red strobe light Alarm input/output SD card slot (max 512GB) Human detection Vehicle detection Line crossing detection People loitering detection People gathering detection Masking detection Free P2P Cloud Server Free APP for smartphone and tablet | Free software for PC


IP camera outdoor onvif
RK-BCC6E-5D 5MP 25f/s

Waterproof casing suitable for outdoor White LED illuminator 60 m. Full color night vision 3.6 mm. fixed lens SONY Starvis cmos Starlight POE or 12VDC power Built-in audio microphone 2 ways audio loudspeaker 2 ways audio via app Sounder Alarm white light Blue Red strobe light Alarm input/output SD card slot (max 512GB) Human detection Vehicle detection Line crossing detection People loitering detection People gathering detection Masking detection Free P2P Cloud Server Free APP for smartphone and tablet | Free software for PC


With white light spots, Red/Blue strobe light, sounder and voice intercom

These cameras are called "active deterrance cameras" because, in addition to monitoring an area and notifying intrusions, they are also capable of implementing dissuasive actions against intruders. When detecting a human body, deterrent cameras can activate light and acoustic signals capable of discouraging the intruder and inducing him to move away. They also allow you to speak through the speaker of the camera using your smartphone, thus performing a very effective immediate action.
Thanks to several detection technologies, these cameras are also useful for shops and companies to detect anomalous behavior, signaling dangers or providing information.


Human and Vehicle Detection

All cameras in this range come with Artificial Intelligence and HUMAN DETECTION. Human detection is much better than normal motion detection because it does not simply trigger on the base of pixel modification, but only when the intruder is a human being. Thanks to human detection, these cameras do not detect animals, or objects moved by the wind, but only real people providing secure and reliable detections. The human detection algorithm is not only detecting the face of the intruders, but also the shape of the body and human moves. This allows these cameras to detect intruders wearing masks. In the event of human detection you can send email, FTP and push notifications. You can even switch a local output, if the camera has one. All cameras in this range also supports VEHICLE DETECTION, useful to prevent unauthorized access or parking.

AI - advanced video analysis

These RK series cameras include advanced digital video analysis features that allows you to detect unusual situations that occur within the camera's field of view. This Intelligent Video Analysis function, is a high-tech feature, designed for advanced security systems, however it can be also very useful for ordinary CCTV systems, to detect suspicious actions. Several kinds of detection are available to suit the security need of shops, companies and public monitoring. Each of these video analysis functions detect only human presence and can be enabled-disabled according to the time of the day. When a suspicious event is detected, the cameras start recording, activate alarm output for local warning, and send out email, notifications or FTP upload.


Built-in DETERRENT devices

Deterrent cameras have several built-in alarm devices that are activated when an intruder is detected. The WHITE LEDs (A) light up, illuminating the scene like daylight. The red/blue flashing light (B) indicates that an alarm has been generated. The loudspeaker (C) can play a loud warning sound or a pre-recorded message. The microphone (D) allows you to listen-in and even speak to criminals, carrying out a quick and effective first intervention.

IR+WHITE illuminator

Active Deterrence cameras come with special LEDs for monitoring at night that can produce both infrared illumination and visible white light. It is possible to set one of the two modes, but more frequently these cameras are set to produce IR illumination in normal conditions and turn on the white LEDs in the event of an intrusion. In this way the area under surveillance remains dark most of the time, with black/white recording, and gets brightly lit in case of detection, switching to color video. The sudden switching on of the white light gives the intruder the sensation of having been cought, often before he could get close, pushing him to desist.

RED/BLUE flashing light

These active deterrent cameras have a built-in red/blue flashing light which is used as a warning signal or alarm indicator. All the intelligent detections of the camera can be set to trigger this speedlight. The red/blue flashing light has a deterrent effect, like the white LEDs at night, but also clearly visible during the day.

Built-in sounder

These cameras have a built-in microphone and speaker. If a detection occurs, these cameras can activate an audible alarm, for example reproducing the sound of a siren to discourage an intruder or signal danger. You can choose from the factory sounds or download an additional sound pack from our site. You can also record your own warning message, which is useful if you use these cameras to provide instructions.


Active deterrence cameras also support 2-ways audio that you can use conveniently by talking through your smartphone. By pressing the intercom button on our app you can speak through the camera speaker, stepping-in in any situation without taking risks. You can also use the intercom function to provide instructions to personnel in front of the camera.

Alarm INPUT/OUTPUT for external devices

To further expand the possibilities of intervention, these deterrent cameras can also be connected to external devices, placed near the camera, thanks to their terminal block with 1 input and 1 alarm output. With the alarm output you can, for example, turn on the garden lighting or activate an acoustic signal when the camera detects an event. With the alarm input you can generate an alarm in the camera when, for example, a gate opens or a beam barrier is crossed.

STARLIGHT per riprese notturne

These cameras can monitor in full color at night, without switching to B/W like our standard cameras. They are called STARLIGHT because they use the backlit SONY STARVIS™ CMOS sensors for low-light. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the Sony Starvis, starlight cameras can shoot in color without turning on the built-in illuminators, taking advantage of a minimal ambient light. Furthermore, these models come qith white LEDs, which you can switch on all the time or just in case of detection, which provide full color video even in absolute darkness.


POE standard wiring

Although all the built-in alarm devices, these active deterrence cameras do not require any additional cabling beyond the network cable and can be wired exactly like all our POE IP cameras. All alarm devices, lights and sounder, are built-in and can be configured by PC or NVR. All cameras in this range support POE power via the network cable (IEEE 802.3af Class 3). To make them work, all you have to do is connect one POE switch or a POE NVR using standard, 8 cores, UTP cable. If for some reason you can not use POE power, all cameras also have a local power jack that you can connect to a 12VDC adapter. In the picture you can see the connection cable coming out of the camera, with the RJ45 network plug and the 12V auxiliary power connector.

IP67 casings with Black Glass

All RK cameras are water-proof, with IP67 protection degree. You can install them both inside or outside exposed to rain. We do not use cheap plastic enclosures for our RK cameras, but only robust die-cast, fire painted, aluminum casing. That's why you can use these cameras anywhere, without worrying about extreme temperature or corrosion. All the cameras in this range come with Black Glass front covers which protects the lens from refraction of the IR light.

QuickLock bracket

All our bullet cameras come with the innovative QuickLock bracket, a remarkable step forward compared to our previous systems. Thanks to its innovative steel grooved ball (A) the QuickLock bracket rotates in all directions, but when you tighten the retaining screw (B), it locks solidly preventing the camera from tampering. In all models the connection cable protrudes from the camera base in order to protect the wiring.

Camera mounting boxes

To make the installation of the cameras easier, we developed a range of mounting bases that you can buy as an optional accessory. Our WATERPROOF JUNCTION BOXES are ideal to protect the terminals from water and wearing. They come with holes on the front cover for the camera. Should you install the camera on poles, an additional POLE MOUNTING COLLAR, suitable for all our boxes, is also available.



Full control via browser

Every computer on the network is a perfect monitor for your IP cameras. No software needs to be installed. Just use your favourite browser and enter the login password. All browers are supported, thanks to the new no-plugin access function. You can WATCH live video, RECORD , take snapshots and ZOOM-IN by dragging the mouse. A user friendly menu, available in many languages, allows you to SET all system options. You can also PLAYBACK the videos which have been recorded in the camera memory, searching date and time over the timeline. The cameras in this range also support the RTSP protocol, which allows you to watch live video with ordinary players such as VLC.
Your browser is also supporting 2-WAYS AUDIO which allows you to talk through the camera speaker.

Control IP cameras with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

Control via PC

Our free IoVedo.RK software allows you to monitor via computer all our RK Series cameras, NVRs, DVRs and kits. You can use our software in your local network, by calling the IP of the device, or via the Internet, by entering the serial number supported by our CLOUD P2P SERVER.
You can WATCH LIVE up to 64 cameras, setting CUSTOM LAYOUTS to receive videos from many remote devices. You can PLAYBACK the footage recorded in the device memory and DOWNLOAD the video files. You can also control your PTZ cameras.
Like all our systems, the IoVedo.RK software supports the ONVIF protocol, so you can also use it to monitor ANY OTHER ONVIF CAMERAS you already have in your system.



Remote control by smartphone

With our free APP IoVedo.RK, for Android and iOS, you can control your IP cameras with a mobile phone or tablet. You can use the app within your Wi-Fi network, calling the IP address of the camera, or via the Internet, calling the camera CLOUD ID. You can WATCH up to 16 cameras on the screen. You can RECORD , take snapshots and ZOOM IN with the classic two-finger gesture. You can also PLAYBACK the videos which have been recorded in the camera memory, searching date and time over the timeline. If you enable motion detection, you can receive NOTIFICATION on your mobile phone at every event.
Our app is also supporting 2-WAYS AUDIO which allows you to talk through the camera speaker.

IoVedo.RK Free App for iOS and Android Real time live view Playback Listen-in 2 ways audio PTZ motor camera control P2P cloud server for easy Internet access Alarm push notification IoVedo.EZ IoVedo.EZ


Free P2P Cloud server

With your smartphone and your computer you can control your cameras easily over the Internet. Each camera has an ID number and is registered on our P2P cloud server with unlimited access. Thanks to the PEER-TO-PEER (P2P) technology, you can connect via the Internet in seconds, even if your Internet connection does not have static IP address. No special router settings, such as port forwarding, are required. The P2P cloud server allows you to use these cameras even with mobile or satellite Internet connection that usually do not accept direct link.

Save images on Google Cloud

With these devices you can save images on Google Cloud. Saving on the web is useful for keeping important images safe from tampering attempts. To use the cloud strage you need to buy a space on Google Cloud and enter the access details in the device configuration. You can save on Google Cloud all images recorded in the event of an alarm, not continuous recording.


IPTool.RK Software for Windows/Mac

To setup your camera you have to modify the default IP address to make it suitable for your own network. You can do that in a matter of seconds with our free IPTool.RK software which is suitable for all RK series IP cameras, DVR and NVR. IPTool.RK detects and displays all the IP cameras connected to your network and allows you to edit the IP setting in just a few clicks.



Compatible with all NVRs

These cameras work best with a network video recorder, also called NVR. You can match our cameras with any NVR video recorder supporting onvif or RTSP protocols. If you are designing a new CCTV system we recommend, for perfect compatibility, ours RK Series NVR which share the same GUI, software and app of these cameras and allow you to set the camera configuration. Although IP cameras support several recording methods, buying an NVR is always recommended, because it has many useful features that makes life easier for the users. Besides, nowadays NVRs are really inexpensive.

Built-in 512GB SD Card slot

All cameras in this series have a built-in micro SD card slot. You can insert a micro SD memory up to 512GB and record video clips straight in the camera. In the camera configuration you can define mode and period of the day for recording. You can also take time-lapse pictures (every xx seconds, minutes, hours, days). Once the memory card is full, the automatic overwriting of the oldest video files is usually set. Even if you have an NVR, we recommend you still use the SD card, because it record in every condition, even if the network is disconnected because of a failure or sabotage.

ONVIF videorecording software

If you want to video record the IP cameras of your network on a computer, you can download our free VMS software that supports all our IP cameras and also Onvif IP cameras from other manufacturers. You can install it on as many computers as you want and use it freely, both as a main videorecorder and as an additional control station. VMS can manage many devices on your local network showing up to 64 cameras on screen, in multiple custom layouts.


SDK for developers

If you are a software developer you can easily implement our devices in your projects. We provide you free SDK libraries and CGI commands to control all functionalities of our devices with your own software. If you need to get clean video stream for your software you can do that via RTSP protocol.



Get your money worth

These "RK Series" IP cameras are designed to give you the best value for money for residential systems. They are professional cameras with the best CMOS and Chipset to provide superb video quality. Please do not compare this range of cameras with the entry level products of other manufacturers where the cheapest sensors are used to sell at the lowest possible price. Check in the datasheets the brand of sensors and chipset.


Description IP camera IP camera
Maximum resolution 5MP 5MP
Image sensor 1/2.8" SONY Starvis IMX335 1/2.8" SONY Starvis IMX335
Chipset Novatek NT98566 Novatek NT98566
Video resolution 2592x1944 @ 25 f/s ... 2560x1440 1920x1080 1280x720 @ 25 f/s 2592x1944 @ 25 f/s ... 2560x1440 1920x1080 1280x720 @ 25 f/s
Video compression H264 H265 H264+ H265+ H264 H265 H264+ H265+
POE IEEE 802.3af IEEE 802.3af
Local power supply 12V DC 12V DC
Illuminator 30 m. (2LED 42µ 850nm) IR+White LED 60 m. (4LED 42µ 850nm) IR+White LED
Lens Fixed 2.8 mm. Fixed 3.6 mm.
Focus Fixed Fixed
Shutter 1/3...1/100000 1/3...1/100000
S/N ratio Above 60dB Above 60dB
LAN port RJ45 10/100 Base-T RJ45 10/100 Base-T
Audio input Built-in mic Built-in mic
Audio output Built-in speaker Built-in speaker
Sounder Standard and custom sounds Standard and custom sounds
Flash light Rosso/Blu Rosso/Blu
Alarm I/O 1 input + 1 output 1 input + 1 output
Built-in memory
SD card Max. 512 GB Max. 512 GB
CVBS output
Onvif Onvif Profile S Certified Onvif Profile S Certified
P2P Free with QRcode Free with QRcode
Browser All browser supported All browser supported
Smartphone iPhone iPad Android Android-Pad iPhone iPad Android Android-Pad
Multi streaming 2 stream 2 stream
WEB cloud storage Google Google
Mirror Vertical and/or Horizontal Vertical and/or Horizontal
Corridor 90° - 270° 90° - 270°
Overlay Date Time Label Date Time Label
BLC Automatic or Adjustable Automatic or Adjustable
AWB Automatic or Adjustable Automatic or Adjustable
DNR 2D 3D 2D 3D
WDR Automatic or Adjustable Automatic or Adjustable
Anti Fog Automatic or Adjustable Automatic or Adjustable
Motion detection Adjustable with week scheduler Adjustable with week scheduler
Human detection Intrusion in area, Virtual fence, Crowding, Loitering Intrusion in area, Virtual fence, Crowding, Loitering
Vehicle detection
Face recognition
Time-Lapse snapshot Sec. min. hh. dd. interval Sec. min. hh. dd. interval
Privacy mask 3 adjustable areas 3 adjustable areas
Anti masking
Region Of Interest
Alarm actions Recording | Email | FTP | Cloud | Push notification | White LEDs | Flashing light | Alarm output | Sounder Recording | Email | FTP | Cloud | Push notification | White LEDs | Flashing light | Alarm output | Sounder
Casing Aluminum Aluminum
Protection rating IP67 Water-proof IP67 Water-proof
Swivel bracket Wall + Ceiling Wall + Ceiling
Operating temperature -20°C +60°C RH95% Max -20°C +60°C RH95% Max
Power supply 12VDC +/-10% or POE 12VDC +/-10% or POE
POE power consumption Max 3W (6W IR on) Max 5W (10W IR on)
Dimensions 190 x 65 x 65 mm. 220 x 105 x 109 mm.
Weight 500 gr. 1200 gr.


What's included?


What's not included?

All cameras can be powered with a 12VDC power supply. However, the power adapter is not included since POE power is widely used. If you need a power supply, see ours POWER SUPPLY UNITS

What's the price?

Find all prices in our e-commerce portal CCTVSTOREPRO.COM.