Are you going to buy from us and want to know more about product warranty? Here you will find all the information that allows you to buy with confidence.


All our products are covered by three types of warranties.

Commercial warranty

The warranty period for all our products is 12 months . The warranty period starts from the date of the invoice. During this period we provide free repairs or replacement of products that reveal faults or malfunctions.
You can start the product return process in our PRODUCT RETURN page.
The commercial warranty is void if the malfunction is generated by incorrect use/installation or the products have been tampered. Goods damaged by mechanical shocks and external events of electrical, atmospheric or accidental origin, is also excluded from the guarantee.
We reserve the right to choose between repair and replacement of faulty products.

Legal warranty

For private customers only, we offer 2 year legal warranty covering defects of conformity of the products. The lack of conformity of the product exists when the product is not suitable for the use for which it was sold or does not comply with description presented by the seller, or even when it does not offer the usual performance typical of products of the same kind.

Money back guarantee

Many people think that buying over the Internet is more risky than buying in a shop. This is totally wrong.
When you leave a shop, the product you purchased is totally yours and there is no law that oblige the seller to take it back. If once you got home you realize that the product is not good for you, you can just hope that the seller is a good guy.
Instead, orders via mail, and therefore via the Internet, are regulated by specific laws which oblige the seller to refund the product in full if this is not appreciated by the buyers.
If you buy one of our products you can try it freely for 15 days , starting from the date of the invoice. If you do not like our product, you can start a product return process on our PRODUCT RETURNS page. You don't have to specify any reason, but simply request a refund.
Our money back guarantee is void if the product is not returned, or returns damaged, without parts, accessories or without the original packaging.

Warranty extension

It is possible to extend our commercial warranty to 2, 3 or more years. To purchase this additional service you must request a quote that we will calculate on the basis of the products you bought.