Network WiFi IP cameras - Single frequency - Naked



2 MP (1080P)
WiFi IP camera
20 m. illuminator

2 MP (1080P)
WiFi IP camera
60 m. illuminator


Connectors deep base for RK-BCC2/5/6 grey


Waterproof junction box for RK-BCC2  white

Waterproof junction box for RK-DCC5--/BCC5--/BCC6-- white

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 2 Megapixel 1080P IP camera

 Water-proof IP WiFi camera
with 20 m. IR illuminator
3.6 mm. fixed lens

 Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting 20 m infrared illuminator 3.6 mm. fixed lens Infrared Cut-Filter Removable H264 H265 video format support Wi-Fi control with mobile APP
WEB access with free P2P cloud server
Recording on SD card up to 128GB Audio input

Deep base for
junction box


 2 Megapixel 1080P IP camera

Water-proof IP WiFi camera
with 60 m. IR illuminator
6 mm. lens

 Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting 60 m infrared illuminator 6 mm. fixedl lens Infrared Cut-Filter Removable H264 H265 video format support Wi-Fi control with mobile APP
WEB access with free P2P cloud server
Recording on SD card up to 128GB

Deep base for
junction box


IP camera internet explorer

IP camera internet explorer

IP camera internet explorer

Easy connection by Internet browser. The new, stylish. GUI allows live view and camera configuration.
Supporting IE, Firefox, Safari (MAC)

IP camera for Firefox Safari

Cloud P2P server for RK cameras


WEB control of "Naked" IP cameras is usually operated through the NVR.
Nevertheless the direct connection to the cameras is also possible.
RK cameras include free P2P cloud server which allows WEB control of your cameras with no need of static IP address and port forwarding.

APP for RK IP cameras

FREEIP APP is available free for iOS and Android allowing web or wifi live view  by smartphones/tablets

Software VMS telecamere RK

Download our VMS 256 channels NVR software, suitable for all DSE IP cameras.


"Naked" IP cameras are designed to connect to NVR like our DN range. They are also suitable to NVR or IP software of other vendors which support the onvif standard.

IPC cloud video storage

For additional safety, RK  IP cameras can store alarm videos on web cloud servers, supporting most popular providers.


All cameras include:
  IP camera with lens
  Mounting bracket + accessories
  IP configuration software
  PC monitoring/recording software


datasheet ip camera megapixel


technical data


Our NAKED IP cameras are the best choice for IP CCTV systems with Network Video Recorders (NVR).

"Naked IP camera". What does it mean?
DSE Naked IP cameras are developed to provide the maximum quality/price ratio for IP CCTV systems controlled by NVR. All hardware and software resources of these cameras are just focused to send a high quality video streaming to the NVR.
Unlike our RH range IP cameras, which come with a full pack of built-in features, most of these cameras  have a basic hardware setup in order to provide high quality video at a lower price.
Nowadays, NVR are very popular because they make IP CCTV systems more powerful and easier to install. They are also user friendly and inexpensive products.
NVR users do not require a lot of features and options to come with the camera, because they mainly use the NVR to control their system.
If this is your case, this range of NAKED camera is the best choice for you, providing the highest video quality at the minimum price.

Built-in Wi-Fi @ 2.4 GHz
These cameras come with built-in wi-fi.
2 antennas, for 2.4 GHz wifi networks, are placed on the back.
The hardwire Ethernet port is also available, to be used for preliminary configuration or in case the wireless connection is not required in your system.

Wi-Fi range
Before installing a wifi camera, you must be sure the place you choose is well covered by your wifi network.
The transmission range of wifi network depends very much on your access points. You can easily check the signal power with your smartphone. Should you find a poor signal, you can install additional access points or signal repeaters.

ONVIF protocol
onvif members ITALY IP camerasAll DSE IP cameras communicate using the ONVIF protocol.
ONVIF is a very important international standard in the IP video industry, resulting from the cooperation among the most important manufacturers. Using this protocol, DSE cameras can be connected to any IP surveillance software or NVR which comply to the ONVIF standard.
DSE is one of the very few Italian companies being member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST). Only ONVIF members have the tools to test the full product compliance to the most updated ONVIF standards.  Please bear this in mind when you are choosing your IP surveillance provider.

H264/H265 video compression
This range of IP cameras come with the latest video compression codec H264 and H265 in order to provide high quality video streaming with minimum bandwidth required.
RK cameras produce 3 different video streaming, each with different compression and video resolution, to be chosen according to the client device.
The frame rate is also selectable up to real-time 30 frame/second.

2MP video resolution
RK range WiFi IP cameras provide 2MP (Full HD 1080P 1920x1080 pixel) video resolution.
2MP resolution is today most popular high definition TV standard and is ideal for wifi CCTV systems providing high quality video and low bandwidth.
Download the demo clip below

2MP H264

PoE - Power over Ethernet
These RK wifi IP cameras must be powered by 12VDC adaptors like our RE-AL-- range (not included).
PoE is not supported, being these camera developed for wireless use.

Infrared illuminator
All these cameras include infrared illuminators which allow the camera to monitor in the dark.
All cameras come with Piranha SuperFlux LEDs which provide higher brightness than normal LEDs of the same size.
The range of the IR illuminator is different according to the camera model as shown in version table at the end of the page.

IR cut-filter removable (ICR) and double black-glass
All these cameras include the day & night function with Infrared Cut Filter Removable (ICR). They give color video during the day and  switch automatically to B/W at night.
The built-in infrared illuminator allow these camera to monitor in total darkness up to their maximum illumination range.
When coming to night view, the IR cut filter removable is a critical factor which ensures superb low light performance as well as perfect color rendering with day light.
All DSE IR cameras includes double-glass technology. The front glass consists of 2 different glasses with a splitting ring. The advantage of this solution, much more expansive than traditional rings, is too avoid any possible refraction of the LED's when operating in night mode.
Many cameras in this range come with the new stylish black-glass which increase by 8% the LED efficiency  at night while reducing considerably the attraction of night insects.

Fixed lens
All cameras are supplied with an appropriate lens which is coherent with the IR illumination range and suitable for most common applications.
Small cameras, with 20 m. IR range,  come with a 3.6 mm. wide-angle lens, which is very good for short distance view.
Bigger cameras, with 60 m. IR range,  come with a 6 mm. wide-angle lens, which is very good for medium/long distance view.
Fixed lens cameras do not require focus adjustment.

IP67 water-proof casings
RK cameras come with IP67 waterproof housing so they can be installed outdoor.
Compact size models: RK-BCC2--- suits indoor mounting as well fitting unobtrusively any decor style.
All RK range cameras provide cable management. Wirings are contained inside the camera, well protected from wearing out and against tampering attempts. 

BULLET and DOME casing with QuickLock bracket
All cameras come with our new  QuickLock mounting bracket, for fixing the camera on wall or ceiling. All brackets provide cable-management to protect cabling from wearing out and against tampering attempts.
Our new QuickLock bracket is a huge improvement compared with our previous mounting solutions.
As usual in our range, this bracket has a round shape because it does not require to be mounted straight.
The heart of this bracket is the steel ribbed swivel (A). This swivel is easy to turn on the 3 axis, but once screwed become extremely solid protecting the camera against tampering.
The bracket is locked securely just by a single screw (B). Compared with the 3 screws of traditional brackets, this make installing the camera much quicker.

Deep base and junction box
Two convenient mounting accessories have been designed to make mounting these cameras as easy as possible: deep base and junction boxes.
Deep bases are useful to increase the distance between the wall and the camera. Deep bases may contain the terminals if the cameras is not exposed to the rain. The fixing holes for the cameras are available on the top of the deep base.
Junction boxes are mounted between the wall and the camera, like deep base, but in addition they are fully water-proof with glands and gasket.
Both deep base and junction boxes accept back or side cable entry.

Memory card slot up to 128GB
telecamere con SD cardAll cameras in this range come with a memory card slot for  for local video recording suitable for up to 128GB SD cards
Video files can be recorded on the base of a built-in programmable scheduler.
Recording video within the camera is very useful if you do not want to use a PC or a NVR for videorecording or if you want to keep a security backup of your videos.
Cameras can manage recycle recording by overwriting older files once the storage capacity is exhausted.
To playback recorded videos you do not need to remove the card.
Video footage can be searched and played over the network using an Internet browser. 
Thanks to the built-in memory, it is also possible to use these cameras without any connection to the network just like stand-alone video-recording units.

The small models in this range come with audio input for an external microphone

Easy monitoring via IE, Firefox, Safari
To view your cameras over the network or the Internet you do not need anything else than a computer and a web browser. Through the new stylish web interface, supporting IE. Firefox and Safari (MAC), user get access to the live view and can set all camera options.

Remote view using RTSP players
DSE IP cameras support RTSP protocol and can be watched using any RTSP player, like REAL PLAYER, QUICKTIME, VST etc.

APP for smartphone and tablet
Our APP FREEIP is available for download for iOS and Android. Available in several versions for smartphone and tablets, FREEIP allows monitoring RK cameras via local wifi or web, fully supporting our P2P cloud server. 

CLOUD server with P2P technology
Web access to "Naked" IP cameras is normally going through the NVR. Nevertheless it is also possible to connect directly to each camera.
To make the operation as simple as possible, RK cameras support our P2P cloud server.
Using our server, the remote control of your cameras can be done in a matter of minutes, with no need of static IP address and port forwarding.
Each camera comes with a serial ID. Just log-in to our server, enter the ID and your password, and enjoy on-line live video.
Cloud server is absolutely free, supporting web browser as well as mobile app.

Motion detection and email notification
IP cameras include motion detection analysis and can start an alarm in case an intruder brake-in.
In case of alarm, the cameras can send pictures and videos by e-mail or upload to FTP server.

GOOGLE/DROPBOX CLOUD video storageGoogle Dropbox cloud server IP camera
Are you afraid that intruders can find your NVR and destroy it? This would make all your CCTV system ineffective.
What best then storing your video files on a web cloud, far from any attempt of sabotage?
RK cameras can store motion alarm videos on cloud storage servers.
Both GOOGLE and DROPBOX, the most popular CLOUD services, are fully supported.
Cloud storage add extra safety to unattended premises and is also a clever solution for cameras installed in the middle of nowhere, for example to monitor public areas.

Privacy masks
Sensitive areas can be masked in order to prevent privacy violation for example in work places or public areas.

Free IP configuration tool
The IPC SEARCH software provided free of charge with every camera, is useful to search all RK cameras within the network in a matter of seconds. With a few click of your mouse you can set the network options of the camera and connect it to your wifi network..

Free 256 channels IP NVR software
If you want to control and record your cameras on computers, you can use our VMS software that can handle up to 256 cameras and is compatible with all DSE IP cameras of any series.

Compatible with ONVIF NVR and CMS software
Using ONVIF standards, the RK range cameras can be connected to any IP recording software or stand-alone NVR (Network Video Recorder) which complies to this international standard.


RK Wifi IP camera range overview

Image sensor 1/2.9" CMOS SONY 1/2.9" CMOS SONY
Compression H.264 H.265 MJPEG H.264 H.265 MJPEG
Max. resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080
Max. frame rate 25 f/sec Real Time 25 f/sec Real Time
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz
PoE (Power over Ethernet) - -
Direct power 12VDC 12VDC
220VAC adaptor included - -
Analogue video output - -
Audio input -
ICR - IR Cut-filter Removable
Built-in illuminator 20 m.  60 m.
Alarm input -
Alarm output -
Standard lens 3.6 mm.  6 mm.
Memory card slot
Protection degree IP67 (outdoor) IP67 (outdoor)
Free P2P Cloud server
Free configuration software
APP for smartphone/tablet
Cloud video storage Google / Dropbox Google / Dropbox