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ip network cameras full hd 1080pHD-SDI video signal is not as easy as analogue video. Although being conducted with the same kind of coaxial cables than analogue video, HD-SDI video is an uncompressed digital stream whose bandwidth reach 1.485 Gbps
DSE HD-SDI accessories help you to transport and manage HD-SDI video easily.


 RS-RP1 - HD-SDI repeater/amplifier

The maximum length of RG59 coaxial cable for HD-SDI cameras cannot exceed 100 m.. The HD-SDI  repeater RS-RP1 can be used to restore the original video signal after 100 m cabling in order to allow 100 m further cabling.
Several RS-RP1
can be connected one to the other for even longer HD-SDI cabling.
If the max. length of 100 m. between 2 repeaters is respected, there is no quality loss between the camera output and the video  signal at the end of the wiring.
RS-RP1 comes with 2 BNC female connectors  (In/Out) and 12VDC power plug (RE-AL4S power adaptor not included). Indicating LED's on the product box warn about the presence of transmission errors.

 RS-HDMI1 - HD-SDI to HDMI converter

Most of the time HD-SDI cameras are connected to HD-SDI DVR which provides several monitor output. If you do not need a DVR, the RS-HDMI1 converter can be used to  connect an HD-SDI camera straight to an LCD TV set.
The HDMI port provides Full HD 1080P resolution, so that no video quality is lost in the video interface.
RS-HDMI1 come with 1 BNC video input, HDMI output and 12VDC power plug (RE-AL4S power adaptor not included).