2 cameras dashcam with GPS WiFi 4G for fleet management

140° wide-angle lens Double front and rear camera Micro SD card slot up to 128GB Slot for sim card 3G 4G 24-hour video storage on 128GB SD card Built-in microphone for audio Built-in speaker for audio 2-ways audio Dual power BAT ACC Collision sensor Parking surveillance GPS Wi-Fi for smartphone control with app P2P cloud server for easy remote control Free APP for smartphones and tablets


Easy vehicle fleet management on 4G

Would you like to video monitor all your company's vehicles with GPS localization? With our 4G dashcams you can do it without complicated and expansive devices. Our 4G dashcams are easy to install in any vehicle and connect straight to the Internet. A 4G SIM, from any mobile operator, can be plugged in. You can view live video and video footage with our free app or manage the whole vehicle fleet from your computer with the famous CMSV6 Fleet Management Platform.

MicroSD card and 4G SIM slot

These cameras come with 2 card slots: SD and SIM. You can insert a microSD card into the SD/TF slot to record videos while driving. The footage can be used as an evidence in the event of an accident. You can insert a 4G sim into the SIM slot to be able to connect via the Internet at any time. Our 4G dashcams accept SIMs from any mobile operator that setup automatically. If the format of your sim is MICROSIM, you can plug it directly into the slot, if instead your sim is smaller, like NANOSIM, you must use an adapter (not included).


Easy mounting on the front glass

Our car dashcams are set up in minutes and can be easily moved from one vehicle to another suiting any changes in your vehicle fleet. They are usually mounted next to the rear view mirror and adhere solidly to the windshield thanks to the adhesive bracket. You can install the dashcam to the left of the mirror, on the driver side, but preferably on the passenger side, so as not to reduce visibility while driving..

Dual camera with front and inside lens

These 4G car cameras are very convenient to use because they turn on automatically with the vehicle. They have 2 lenses: one for the front view and one for the interior of the vehicle. The main camera is the front camera which has the highest resolution and shoots the road through the front glass. A second camera, equipped with an infrared illuminator for shooting in the dark, can be connected to record the interior of the vehicle.

Built-in GPS

These cameras are equipped with GPS for vehicle geolocation. The GPS antenna connects with a cable and must be placed in the best position for receiving the satellite signal. Thanks to GPS you can know in real time where are your vehicles. Even when playing back the footages you can simultaneously see the sign on a map showing the vehicle's position.


WiFi and APP for smartphone

With the free APP for Android and iOS, you can control your vehicle fleet directly with your mobile phone or tablet. You can WATCH live video of the vehicles and their GPS location on the map. You can RECORD and take pictures. You can also PLAY AND DOWNLOAD the videos stored in the camera memory, searching by date and time. Our app is also supporting 2-ways audio to talk with people inside the vehicle.

Free app for iOS and Android Live viewing from the app GPS localization Environmental listening Recording control Video files download APP APP


Track your vehicles with CMSV6

Our 4G dashcam are compatible with the famous CMSV6 fleet management software. If you buy one of our 4G dashcam, we will create your private account in the cloud server, where you can manage all your devices, even those you will buy in the future. We included 1 year free membership with all our dashcam. CMSV6 is a very powerful software for windows that works great in 4G thanks to the P2P CLOUD server.
You can GEOLOCATE all your vehicles on maps or satellite photos and WATCH your cameras in real time. You can PLAY recorded videos and DOWNLOAD the video files. CMSV6 manages ALARM EVENTS with real-time notifications and is also supporting 2-ways audio to talk with people inside the vehicle.



140° lenses 2MP

These cameras come with wide angle fish-eye lenses that privides 140° coverage. Thanks to the wide viewing angle and 2MP FullHD 1080P (1920x1080) @ 30 f/s high resolution, our dash cams perfectly monitor everything that happens around the vehicle.
These cameras also record the audio inside the vehicle, thanks to the built-in high-sensitivity microphone. All camera lenses can be easily oriented to obtain the best view according to the installation position.

Indoor camera with IR

Dashcams are equipped with an auxiliary camera for monitoring the interior of the vehicle. This camera has its own connection cable, about 1 meter long, to be positioned next to the dashcam. It is equipped with an infrared illuminator to film the interior of the passenger compartment even at night. The indoor camera, providing VGA (640x480) resolution, is usually mounted on the front glass with the adhesive base and can be oriented by rotating the lens.

2-Ways audio

When menaging a fleet of vehicles communicating easily with drivers is a crucial factor. With the built-in microphone and speaker, these 4G dashcams allow two-way audio. You can communicate hands-free with your drivers both with the free app and the CMSV6 vehicle management platform


Recording on SD card memory

These black box cameras record videos on a removable Micro SD memory. Micro SD card is not included . To record video you need to buy a micro SD card of the maximum capacity of 128GB (24 hours recording). These cameras record H264 video files in .TS format. When the memory is full, the oldest files are automatically overwritten. The video files recorded on the occasion of anomalous events, or that you have manually locked, are protected from overwriting.

Playback and download video

You can playback the footage you have recorded by removing the SD card and inserting it into a SD card reader for PC. You can play the video files with common free players, such as VLC. You can also connect to the camera with your smartphone or computer and play/download the files with the free app or CMSV6 software.

GPS localization

These 4G dashcam for fleet management come with a built-in GPS tracker that stores the position of the vehicle along with each video frame. When you download a movie on your smartphone or PC you can check the exact route of your vehicle on the street map, alongside the video. This function provides important evidence because it makes the action clear if an accident occurs.

Shock G-Sensor

Usually you will program your camera to record continuously. Once the memory is full, it will overwrite the oldest files. To prevent important videos from being erased, the camera is equipped with a collision sensor ( G-SENSOR) with adjustable sensitivity. In the event of an accident, the video file is automatically protected against overwriting and saved in a separate folder for easy tracing. There is also a camera button that you can press at any time to manually protect an important video footage from overwriting.


Shock detection while parking

With our dash cams you can protect your car while parking even if the camera is off, using the PARKING mode . These cameras enter the parking mode automatically when the vehcile is off. In this mode, the camera remains off and is activated automatically only when a bump on the vehicle is detected. You can set the sensitivity of the shock sensor to detect even light impacts. Thanks to this function, your car is protected even when you are away. If your vehicle was hit while you were not present, you will find a video that shows you what happened.

Parking mode


Wiring to the fuse box

Being intended for fleet surveillance, these cameras cannot be powered, like our normal dashcams, with the cigarette lighter socket, but require a stable wiring to the vehicle's switch box. The camera comes with a connection cable long enough to run along the edge of the front window and reach the switchbox. You can wire the camera yourself or have it installed by an car electrician for little money.

Dual power BAT + ACC

The camera has 3 connectors to be connected to the fuse box using the included splitters shown in the picture (A=insert into the fuse socket, B=connection to the camera, C=original fuse).
The GND connector must be connected to a ground screw, well fixed to the chassis of the vehicle. The BAT connector is connected to a fuse holder that supplies constant voltage. The ACC connector must be connected to a fuse holder which supplies voltage only when the vehicle is on. In this way the camera starts automatically when the vehicle is on and automatically enters parking mode when parked.


Do-It-Yourself installation

Installing the dashcams on your vehicles is easy. You can do it yourself, folllowing the instructions. The cables we supply are thin and flexible, and with a little patience you can easily route them under the window seals.
In a few minutes your Do-It-Yourself installation will be finished, perfectly integrated into the original aesthetics of your vehicle.

Professional installation

You can get our dash cams up and running on your own in a few minutes, however, if you want a "turnkey" service you can contact any auto electrician to have your new dashcam professionally installed. It is a quick and inexpensive job.


Description 4G black box dash cam
Type For fleet managemente with 2 cameras
Cameras 2: Front, Inside (wired)
Front camera max. resolution 2MP FullHD 1080P
Max. video resolutions 1920x1080 @ 30 f/s
2nd camera max. resolution 0,3MP 640x480
Video compression H264 (.TS)
Infrared illuminator 6 pcs. 940nm LEDs on internal camera
Lens Front 140° | Internal 140°
Focus Fixed
Video files format .TS 2 minutes
LAN port
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Hotspot/Client mode
3G/4G 3G WCDMA: 2100(B1) | 4G FDD-LTE: B1/B3
USB port
Collison sensor Accelerometer (G-Sensor) with adjustable sensitivity
GPS with separate magnetic antenna
Audio microphone
Audio speaker
2-way audio with free app or with CMSV6 software and app
SD card slot Max. 128GB Class 10 or higher
Max. video storage 24 hours
Built-in battery
Power 9-16VDC from fuse box
Installation kit Nor required
Recording mode Continuous, Parking with Shock Detection
Automatic overwrite
Protect files from overwriting Automatic (G-Sensor) or Manual (button)
Camera control Buttons
Parking surveillance Parking on shock detection
Browser CMSV6
PC Software CMSV6
Smartphone Free app or CMSV6
Overlays Date Time
Motion detection
Time-Lapse recording
Casing ABS
Protection degree IP40
Operating temperature -20°C +70°C RH85% Max
Power supply 9-16VDC BAT/ACC
Power consumption Max. 3.5W
Dimensions 87x71x33 mm.
Weight 100 gr.


What is included?


What is not included?

Cameras record on MicroSD card. The micro SD card is not included. On our website you can buy a perfectly compatible micro SD card of the capacity you prefer. Check the maximum memory size supported by the camera in the technical data table above. These camera support microsim format. If your 4G card is a nanosim a suitable adapter is required

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