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Mug hidden camera with videorecorder


32 GB micro SD card

64 GB micro SD card

128 GB micro SD card

220V/USB power adaptor to recharge DK cameras without PC (see accessories)

car USB power adaptor to recharge DK cameras in the car (see connectors)

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Attention !

Violating people privacy with CCTV cameras can be against the law.
Please check your Country regulation carefully before using our cameras.

DSE is not responsible for product misuse by any customer using CCTV cameras illegally







Also usable the lid only

HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 1 mm. lens (invisible) - 60° SD memory card up to 32GB 12 hours video storage on 32GB
Built-in microphone 2 hours continuous recording

full hd video demo



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Our cameras with built-in video-recorder have been developed for recording high quality videos with small size equipment with built-in battery.
This section of our website includes a few cameras hidden in special objects, suitable for peculiar investigation scenarios, while common objects like clocks or power adaptors have their own product page.


 DK-MG1 - Thermos mug camera and recorder

This camera with SD card video recorder is hidden in a thermos mug and monitor through a tiny hole in the lid. The ideal place for this camera is on a desk or table.
The thermos mug we use for this product is a stylish, stainless steel, travel mug that fits unobtrusively in any environment.
Both camera and DVR are hidden in the top cover, so if the travel  mug does not suit your needs. you can use the lid only like a paperweight.
We include a spare lid, without camera, that you can use instead of the working one. It can be helpful to pickup your videos without arising suspicion.
This camera also includes an high sensitivity audio microphone.

Power supply and battery life
This product is designed to be powered by its own built-in rechargeable battery allowing up to 2 hours continuous recording.

720P video recording
This camera includes a video recorder on micro SD cards.
The memory card must be plugged in a slot which is hidden in the lid.  This product is suitable for any Micro SD card up to 32GB.
An 8GB micro SD card is included in the package.
Video resolution is HD 720P (1280x720) @ 30 fps storing up to 12 hours videos on a 32GB card (18 hours in VGA resolution).
Once memory is exhausted this DVR stops recording.
Date and Time overprint is automatically added to all videos. 

Operating and controls
This device is very easy to use. 2 pushbuttons to start recording and choosing video resolution are hidden inside the lid.

Playing videos
This device is saving standard MOV video files which can be played by any free player like VLC.
A personal computer is required to play videos. The product includes USB port and USB cable for plug & play connection.

Package includes
  USB cable
  8GB micro SD card
  Spare lid