Easy mounting BNC pressure connectors

QuickCoax pressure BNC connectors for coaxial CCTV cables


QuickCoax BNC male pressure connector including orange cap

Black cap for QuickCoax connectors (10 pcs. bag)

Plastic clamp for QuickCoax connectors

Cable stripper for QuickCoax connectors

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BNC pressure connector

BNC male pressure connector
with orange cap

Black cap for pressure connectors for coaxial cables

Black cap (10 pcs. bag)



Clamp for pressure connectors

Clamp for pressing QuickCoax connectors

Cable stripper for pressure connectors

Cable stripper for coaxial cables


QuickCoax is a new concept of pressure connector for coaxial cables, designed to be installed in less then 30 seconds. 
QuickCoax connectors are slightly more expansive than our traditional crimp, saldering or screwing connectors but may reduce dramatically the wiring time of any CCTV systems, still providing excellent contact quality, suitable for highest resolution cameras.

The easiest connector in the world
Installing BNC connector might be a difficult, long and tedious job when choosing old-style, traditional connectors.
Thanks to a patented contact system, QuickCoax connectors can be installed just in a few simple steps which do not require any particular skill or experience. 

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BNC connector quick mount in 30 secondsMounted in 30 seconds
Quick installation is the key feature of QuickCoax connectors.
No other connector can be mounted on coaxial cables in less than 30 seconds, still providing a fully reliable contact.
Watch the movie at the end of the page to see how it works.

Suitable for any kind of coax cable
BNC pressure connector quick mount
The main problem of traditional crimp-type connectors is matching the size of connectors and cables. Crimp type connectors must be designed to suit perfectly the cable jacket and the cable core, otherwise they do not work. It is a very serious problem, because the size of RG59, RG179 and other similar coaxial cables might vary consistently according to the product and the manufacturers. 
QuickCoax connectors do not have this problem.
Thanks to their patented contact system, QuickCoax connectors suit any kind of coaxial and mini-coaxial cable like RG59, RG6, RG179 etc. up to 7.7 mm outside jacket.
Take just one type of connector with you. You will never have problems with the cable size.

100% reliable, high quality contact
Connector cap
One QuickCoax connector is made of 2 parts only: the rubber cap and the connector body.   Installing the connector does not require any special training, because each mounting step has no chance of false contact.
Once assembled, the connector is very solid and the contact is 100% reliable on every single connector.
After some time, you will stop testing the cables Connector body with tester tools, like you probably do with crimp-type connectors.
This short clip shows installing and removing principles.

Removable and reusable
Unlike crimp or compression connectors, QuickCoax do not modify their shape after installation. These connectors can be easily removed in a matter of seconds and re-used unlimited times.
Do not buy more connectors that what you actually need. With QuickCoax you cannot spoil or damage any  connector, unless, of course, you dot it on purpose.

No expansive tools needed
How to crimp BNC connector
In order to mount QuickCoax connectors conveniently, you should buy one CM-SP1 wire stripper and one CM-PZ1 plastic clamp.
Both tools are easy to use and quite inexpensive.
Please do not forget that, in case of emergency, QuickCoax connectors can be installed and removed without special tools, just using normal scissors and plies.

Superior performance for HD CCTV
QuickCoax connectors are designed to provide the maximum quality of the connection and therefore are recommended for high resolution CCTV systems over coaxial cables, like AHD, HD-SDI, CVI and TVI systems.
QuickCoax provides a high level shielding (Class A++ according to EN50117) and less then 23 dB @ 0-3000MHz return signal loss.

Insulating rubber cap
Pressure connector
Unlike all other connectors, QuickCoax back element is an orange rubber cap. This cap, which is also available in black, or, upon request, in several other colors, make inserting and rotating the connector very easy by hands, even in narrow places like behind DVR where many connectors are placed very closed to each other.


Watch in this video how QuickCoax connectors are really quick and easy to install