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Do you sell and install security equipment? Would you like to buy directly from one of the few manufacturer of CCTV products in the EU? Are you looking for a dependable supplier of security cameras and a true partner for your business? Register now to become our reseller and get out of the fray.

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Your best partner for CCTV products, made in the EU

Are you looking for a supplier of CCTV products made in the EU? A dependable manufacturer able to supply all the products you need for a CCTV system of any size? If you are considering to promote our brand in your Country do not hesitate any further: you are more than welcome.
We grant you a strict commercial policy that will support you and make your business profitable and successfull. You can apply to become a dealer if your company sell or install security products.
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If selling and installing CCTV systems is your business, you deserve a direct contact to a real manufacturer. Being the only company in Italy to produce certified Onvif IP cameras (See ONVIF conformant product list) we are able to be your right partner. Stop buying chinese products from local distributors. Register right now and get out of the fray.


One product one price

Our price list is available on our web store It is a transparent policy that we have decided since the beginning of our business. You will never find other prices browsing the Internet because the online resale on market places like Ebay or Amazon is not allowed.
If the products you are buying from your current supplier can be found on the Web at any price, it's time to move to a company that truly protects your business. Sign up as a dealer now and get out of the fray.

No MOQ, 24 hours delivery

With us, you don't have to keep a large stock of products. You receive your orders in 24 hours so you can order exactly what you need for your clients. Dealing with us is easy. If your customers has changed their mind, you can replace or return the goods. If you forgot something, we will send it right away, because we have no minimum order quantity. If you sign up as a dealer, we do not ask you any sort of engagement and you are free to buy whatever you like, whenever you want.
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Registering as a dealer is very easy. You just need to sign-in on our online store indicating your company details. You no longer need to attach documents or company registration, because we will verify your data automatically. Within a few hours you will receive confirmation of acceptance and you will be ready to buy.
If you don't have time, you can just send us your data in the form below and we will register your account in the store.

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