Hidden camera in wall clock

2MP 1080P

Camera hidden in wall clock with SD card. Control with remote control. Powered by battery or 220V

Pin-hole lens 3.7 mm 70° Micro SD card slot up to 128GB 24-hour video file storage on SD card of maximum capacity Built-in microphone for audio Motion detection Recording on mains power supply Rechargeable battery with 60 days standby time hidden camera with remote control



Hidden camera in wall clock

2MP 1080P

Camera hidden in wall clock with SD card. WiFi control with smartphone, even via the Internet. 220V power supply.

Pin-hole lens 3.7 mm 70° Micro SD card slot up to 128GB 130-hour video file storage on SD card of maximum capacity Built-in microphone for audio Motion detection Recording on mains power supply Wi-Fi for mobile control with app Free P2P Cloud Server for Internet Control


The hidden camera for every environment


These cameras are hidden in a modern, fully working wall clock. They are ideal for monitoring the whole room in an unsuspected way. With its elegant satin steel frame , this clock is perfectly suited to any type of furniture, both at home or office. The pin-hole lens, invisible from the outside, is pointed downwards by 20 ° to get a perfect view of the room with the spy-clock hanging over 2 meters high. The clock is full working and does not arise suspicions, even if watched closely.

Ready to record in a few minutes

These clock cameras are ready to work in minutes. Just insert the sd card into the slot and your hidden video surveillance system is ready to be placed wherever you want. If you buy the battery-powered model, you just need a small nail in the wall. If you buy a model without battery, you have to consider that the clock comes with a power adapter that plugs into a socket. In such a case it may be appropriate to place the clock on a shelf instead of hanging it. This clock-camera does not require any technical knowledge and can be used in minutes by anyone.


2 megapixels high resolution video


These hidden cameras for investigation provide a video resolution of 2 MP at 25 f/s. The 2MP resolution, also called 1080P or Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), is the current standard of high resolution digital TV and allows you high quality video and rich detail. In order to guarantee maximum performance, we use the same high-level CMOS and HiSilicon processors of our IP cameras for traditional CCTV surveillance in these hidden cameras. Download two 2MP demo movies below

2MP normal lighting 2MP low lighting

Invisible pinhole lens


All our mini-cameras with SD memory card come with a wide-angle lens covering about 70°. The lens is pinhole-type and fits perfectly through a small hole of 1 mm. only . The camera effectively records even in low light, seeing what you can see with your own eyes, but can not record in total darkness. The pin-hole lens, practically invisible from the outside, is oriented 20° downwards to frame the room well even with the spy-clock hanging high on the wall.

Audio microphone and speaker

These hidden mini cameras also support audio recording. All models in the range are equipped with a built-in microphone able to cover a medium-sized room. The high sensitivity microphone allows you to record even whispered words in an average size room. The audio is recorded together with the video and is also supported by mobile phones, in models with WiFi. The audio quality, both in recording and in live, is one of the advantages that make the difference between this range of professional cameras and hobby products.


Video storage on SD card memory


All spy cameras in this range record videos on removable Micro SD memories. Micro SD card is not included . To use these cameras you need to buy a micro SD card of the maximum capacity supported by the camera. These cameras support Class 10 SD cards or higher. Do not buy slower SD cards, in class 4 or 6, because they will not work properly. The maximum storage capacity depends on the model.

SD max. 128GB 128GB
Max. storage 24 hours 130 hours

Video playback and download

To play the movies recorded on the SD card of the camera you must extract the SD card from the device and insert it into a Personal Computer. If your PC does not have an SD card reader, you can buy a USB reader like the one shown in the picture. It costs a few Euros on line. You can play movies with common free players, like VLC or Windows Media Player and download the ones you want to save on your PC. Models with Wi-Fi also allow you to download videos by mobile phone, without having to remove the card from the camera.

Motion detection

All cameras in this range can record continuously. In this mode, many short files are stored in the memory, one after the other. Once the memory space is full, the camera continues to record, automatically overwriting the oldest files. All models are also equipped with the MOTION DETECTION function which allows recording only if movements occur in front of the lens. It is a very convenient function to avoid wasting precious memory space by recording insignificant scenes. Models with integrated wifi can even record on the base of a scheduler, depending on the time of the day.


Mains power supply

All these hidden clock cameras are supplied with a 5VDC power adapter. Connected to the mains, the camera can work 24 hours a day , like a true CCTV surveillance system. Thanks to the ability to operate with 220V power, these cameras in the clocks are an excellent solution to equip your room with a hidden surveillance always in operation, very easy to put in place. To easily connect the clock to a power socket, you could place it near a junction box or on a shelf or cabinet.

60 days battery power

Available on DK-WP2
Models without WiFi in this range have a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and can also operate without being connected to the mains. In this way you can place the clock camera wherever you want, without connecting the power adapter. The powerful 4200 mAh built-in battery, allows 8 hours of continuous recording. In addition, these cameras have a low power consumption stand-by mode, , thanks to which the camera can stay for a long time waiting for your start recording command. In stand-by mode these cameras needs very little battery power and can work for up to 2 months . The internal battery is recharged in a few hours by connecting the included power adapter.


2 clock-cameras, for 2 different applications


We produce this range of spy cameras for investigation in 2 versions. The main difference between these models is the tool with which you can start/stop recording.


IR remote control

On models with remote control, you can start recording with the included infrared remote control. You can keep the camera on standby for a long time and start recording only when needed.



WiFi cameras can be controlled with a mobile phone or tablet using our free app. You can connect directly to the wifi hotspot generated by the camera or even via the Internet.


WiFi and smartphone APP

Available on DK-WP2EZ
Some cameras in this investigation range are equipped with a Wi-Fi transmitter for Smartphone control. You can connect locally to the Wi-Fi network generated by the camera, or you can connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi and access it via the Internet, with our free P2P cloud server . With our free APP for Android and iOS, you can control cameras with a mobile phone or tablet. You can SEE AND LISTEN real time. You can RECORD and take pictures. You can also PLAY AND DOWNLOAD the videos recorded in the camera's memory card, looking for the date and time you are interested in. If you enable motion detection, you can RECEIVE push notification on your mobile phone at every intrusion, with a snapshot attached.

IoVedo.EZ Free app for iOS and Android Live view from the app Environmental listening Recording control Download video files P2P cloud server for immediate web access Alarm notifications IoVedo.EZ IoVedo.EZ


Make a perfect hidden camera


To make an effective hidden camera, you must first choose a favorable position for your camera clock. It is better to hang it at least 180 cm from the floor to get a good shot of the whole room. The lens is tilted 20 ° for a top-down shot. Great placements for the camera-clock are the wall behind a desk or above the TV. Remember that these cameras do not shoot in absolute darkness, therefore you must provide at least a minimum environmental light.

Connect the camera to your WiFi


If you buy a wall clock camera with WiFi, you will have great advantages in connecting it to your home WiFi network. It's an operation that runs easily with our app and lets you control your camera through the Internet, wherever you are. Thanks to our free P2P cloud server , you do not need to configure anything in your router, you just need to know the ID of your wall clock that you will find in the package. On first use, you can set a secret access password to protect your privacy. With our app you can watch and listen in real time, play and download videos and even receive real time push notifications if an intrusion occurs.


Description Wall clock camera with SD Wall clock camera with SD and WiFi
Type Control by IR remote control Control by Smartphone
Maximum resolution 2MP FullHD 1080P 2MP FullHD 1080P
Optical sensor 1/2.7" CMOS OV OV2710 1/3" CMOS ON AR0330
Chipset STK4580 Hi3516C
Video resolution 1920x1080 @ 25 f/s 1280x720 @ 25 f/s 1280x720 @ 50 f/s 1920x1080 @ 25 f/s
Video compression MJPEG H264 Dual
Infrared illuminator
Lens Flat pinhole 3.7 mm (70°) Flat pinhole 3.7 mm (70°)
Focus Fixed Fixed
Shutter 1/25...1/12000 1/25...1/12000
S/N Ratio Over 50dB Over 50dB
Video files format AVI 1/3/5/10 minutes length MOV 5/10/15 minutes length
Network port
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (AP or Client mode)
USB port
Audio microphone
Audio speaker
SD card slot Max. 128GB Class 10 o superior Max. 128GB Class 10 o superior
TV CVBS output RCA cable included
Standard battery Li-Po 3.7V 4200mAh
Standard battery life 8 hours of continuous recording
Compatible batteries
Battery recharge With power adapter included
Mains power supply With power adapter included With power adapter included
Recording mode Continuous, Motion Continuous, Motion, Scheduler
Automatic overwrite Yes (excludable) Yes (excludable)
Camera control Infrared remote control Smartphone/Tablet via WiFi
Smartphone Free APP for iOS Android
Multi streaming
Saving on the web cloud
Overlays Date and Time (excludable) Date and Time (excludable)
Anti fog
Motion detection
Privacy mask
Anti tampering
Alarm actions Start recording Start recording, Email, Push notifications to mobile
Sending Time-Lapse photos
Casing Working wall clock Working wall clock
Degree of protection IP40 IP40
Operating temperature -5°C +40°C RH95% Max -5°C +40°C RH95% Max
Supply 5VDC +/-10% 5VDC +/-10%
Absorption Max. 400mA a 5VDC Max. 600mA a 5VDC
Absorption 350x45 mm 350x45 mm
Weight 1800 gr. 1400 gr.


What is included?





What is not included?

Cameras record on MicroSD card. The micro SD card is not included. You can buy a suitable micro SD card, of the capacity you prefer, in our price list . Check the maximum memory size supported by the camera in the technical data table above. To connect the SD card to your computer you may need an SD card reader if your PC does not have one.

What's the price

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