Spy hole door cameras

The fisheye, high resolution AHD cameras for door peepholes. Ideal to monitor the entrance of flats and houses.

AHD surveillance mini-cameras



AHD camera for armored door


AHD spy hole cameras forCCTV on coaxial cable

The cameras in this range are analog high-resolution AHD CCTV cameras. You can connect them to any DVR that supports 1080P AHD technology. The AHD technology is the ideal solution for peep hole cameras because with AHD we can manufacture very small cameras, much smaller than our IP cameras. These cameras are also compatible with our mini AHD monitors, but do not support CVI and TVI formats, nor traditional CVBS analog video.

Switch to AHD. Discover the high resolution analog CCTV

With the AHD (Analog High Definition) technology, the old low resolution analog video has retired. Combined with AHD digital video recorders, these new generation cameras offer you all the megapixel resolution and remote control capabilities of our digital IP cameras, but in analog technology, fully compatible with all existing cabling. An AHD camera does not require configuration like an IP camera: it connects and works immediately. If you want to know more about AHD, follow the video tutorial that we recorded in 2014, presenting, first company in Italy, this innovative technology. Below you can see the basic diagram of a small AHD system.


12VDC power, BNC for video

These micro cameras come with 2 connectors: BNC for video and 12VDC power plug. You can provide 12V power with an adapter near the camera or with a centralized power supply unit. Choose from our range of DC power supply units the best solution for your system. You can transfer the video signal with coaxial cables. Alternatively, you can use CAT5 network cables, by adding small converters called balun. You can connect these micro cameras to an AHD DVR or to an AHD monitor. You can also connect it to a TV set with an AHD-HDMI converter

High resolution 2 Megapixel 1080P video

The micro cameras in this range provide high-resolution Full HD video signal that is absolutely comparable to our bigger cameras. The 2MP resolution, also called 1080P or Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), is the current standard of high resolution digital TV and guarantees excellent clear video. These micro-cameras, despite their very small dimensions, are made with the best SONY Lowlux IMX323 CMOS sensors to provide high color quality and superior lowlight sensitivity. The high resolution is the main advantage of these professional spyhole cameras if compared to hobby products with built-in LCD and allows this cameras to fit in any professional CCTV system. Here you can download a video clip in 2MP 1080P resolution.


Easy set-up in the door spyhole

These cameras are built specifically to replace the peep hole of doors. They are ideal for monitoring the landing of flats or the entrance of villas. The threaded metal body of these cameras fits into a 23 mm hole and is compatible with all types of doors, including security doors. Any door, from 25 mm to 85 mm. is suitable for these cameras. You can twist the rear ring till the camera body is solidly locked in its right position. The lens of these cameras is waterproof for outdoor mounting. To mask the connection cable, a rear cover, is included in the package

Versatile, multi-purpose cameras

These cameras are designed to be placed in a door, but you can use them whenever you need a flush mounting camera. You can place them for example in a doorphone panel, in the garage door or on board of vehicles or boats. In elevators, vending machines and industrial machines fields, you can use these cameras to create small, discreet and vandal-proof monitoring spots. The back of the camera sticks out of only 7 cm and allows the camera to be placed in small boxes.


Fish-Eye lens

All these peephole micro-cameras for the surveillance of entrance doors are equipped with a special, super wide-angle lens, called Fisheye. These fisheye lenses have very short, 1.8 mm, focal length which provides an extremely wide angle of view of around 110 °. No focus adjustment is required. Despite the wide angle of view, this lenses do not introduce image aberration, like traditional spyholes, but provides clear video, similar to our bigger surveillance cameras. The fisheye lens is ideal for close-up shots even in very small environments.


Compatible with all DVRs

These AHD cameras are designed to be connected to an AHD video recorder , also called DVR, which has the task of digitizing and recording the video signals of the analog cameras. With the video recorder you can perform all the digital functions of IP systems, like remote control via Internet or motion detection. The cameras in this range are compatible with all AHD DVRs on the market, but do not support CVI, TVI or traditional analog CVBS DVRs. For maximal compatibility, take a look at the features of our DVRs.



Connect the cameras streight to monitor

These AHD cameras are designed to be connected to a digital video recorder , however, if you're not interested in recording, you can also connect them directly to a monitor. Among our minimonitors you can find a few models that directly support the AHD video signal. If you need a bigger display, you can connect the cameras to a TV, or to a PC monitor, by using a BNC-HDMI converter.


Description AHD spyhole camera
Maximum resolution 2MP
Optical sensor SONY Exmor IMX323 1/2.9" CMOS
Chipset Fuhan FH8536
AHD video resolution 1920x1080 @ 25 fps (2 MP HD 1080P)
TVI video resolution
CVI video resolution
CVBS resolution
Electronic shutter 1/25" ... 1/50000"
S/N ratio >58dB
Power supply 12VDC
Infrared illuminator
Lens Fixed fisheye 1,8 mm.
Focus Fixed
Audio output
Video output BNC female
Power input 5.5x2.1 mm. plug
AWB Automatic
Anti fog
Privacy mask
Casing Metal cylinder
Degree of protection IP54 from lens side
Swivel bracket
Operating temperature -10°C +50°C RH95% Max
Power supply 12VDC +/-10%
Power consumption Max 40 mA
Overall dimensions Diam. 22 x 70 mm.
Mounting Hole diam. 23 mm
Weight 70 gr.

Q & A

What is included?

Connection cable (50 cm)

What is not included?

All cameras can be powered with a 12VDC power supply. However, the power adapter is not included. If you need a power adapter, look among ours POWER SUPPLIES FOR CCTV

What is the price?

Find the prices of our products in the Online Price List or in the CCTV STORE, our e-commerce portal.