NVR with POE ports for IP cameras

NVR H265 4K IP onvif

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4 channels NVR
H265 4K for ONVIF IP cameras
4 POE ports

16 channels NVR
H265 4K for ONVIF IP cameras
8 POE ports

16 channels NVR
H265 4K for ONVIF IP cameras
16 POE ports

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for 4 onvif IP cameras
with 4 POE ports

4 video channels Supporting IP cameras up to 8MP (4K) Supporting up to 4K HDMI monitor H264 and H265 video format support 4 POE ports for IP cameras 40 Mbps max. inbound bandwidth Max. 1 HDD up to 8TB

for 16 onvif IP cameras
with 8 POE ports

16 video channels Supporting IP cameras up to 8MP (4K) Supporting up to 4K HDMI monitor H264 and H265 video format support 8 POE ports for IP cameras 60 Mbps max. inbound bandwidth Max. 1 HDD up to 8TB

for 16 onvif IP cameras
with 16 POE ports

16 video channels Supporting IP cameras up to 12MP Supporting up to 4K HDMI monitor H264 and H265 video format support 16 POE ports for IP cameras 160 Mbps max. inbound bandwidth Max. 2 HDD up to 8TB



NVR for 4..16 IP cameras
4...16 POE ports - Plug&Play
H264/H265 ONVIF protocol
12MP-4K max. IPC resolution

Real-Time 25 f/s per channel
4K HDMI video output
Motion detection
Easy USB video files backup
Browser remote access
PDA/smartphone APP
Push notification
Free CLOUD server

NAS/FTP recording
Manual recording
Free CMS software

Mouse control


You can connect IP cameras straight to the NVR POE ports. There is no need of external switches.
Obviously these NVR  also connect to external IP cameras, anywhere over the network

The 4K HDMI port is great with latest generation monitors  to display high resolution cameras up to 12MP.   


Controlling all the powerful features of these NVR is easy with the clear user interface.


Configuration OSD

NVR zoom

 Digital Zoom with PIP

 Supporting corridor mode cameras

Thanks to the built-in DHCP server, IP cameras connected to the POE ports are configured automatically  in a matter of seconds. There is no need to set IP address in the IPC before connection. 

Feel free to use our on-line cloud server to connect over the Internet with ease.
Log-in to your personal area in the cloud and enjoy remote control over the web without fixed IP address and port forwarding.

You can connect to the NVR using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Live view with PTZ control

Playback and Download

NVR remote configuration

Download our free, ads-free, app from Google Play and App Store. Control your NVR by iOS/Android mobile phones or tablets.

Live view  Playback
Configuration Full screen

In case of alarm, these NVR send real time push notification on your mobile phone.


PUSH notification Watch alarm video

Our free GUARD STATION software controls many NVR from a single PC with full support  of our cloud server.

Live view with PTZ control

Playback and Download

NVR remote configuration




If you are buying some IP cameras and looking for a high-end NVR for video recording that guarantees maximum performance, without compromise, our DS range is the right choice for you.
The ability to manage IP cameras up to 12MP and monitors up to 4K in addition to full support of the most advanced H.265 video compression format make this NVR a top-of-the-range product, suitable for IP technology of the highest technological level.
Our NVR DS series are also easy to use and are installed in minutes thanks to the built-in POE ports with plug and play configuration of IP cameras.


Although many of our IP cameras are able to record on their own SD card or computers, about 90% of the IP systems we sell include our NVR video recorder.
The reason is simple: the presence of an NVR makes the IP CCTV system easier to use and add many valuable features.
When installing the system, DSE NVRs simplify your job by providing POE ports for connecting cameras and automatically configuring IP addresses. They also take care of the optimal bandwidth management, providing always fluid images and minimum latency.
In addition, the NVR DS series provide video outputs for connecting any type of monitor up to 4K resolution. You can insert Hard Disk up to 8TB to store recordings in the mode you prefer.
An NVR DS series will become the heart of your IP system: powerful in managing all cameras and easy to reach via the Internet, by PC or mobile phone, for live view and video playback. 


ONVIF protocol
onvif members ITALY IP cameras DSE NVRs communicate with IP cameras using the standardi ONVIF protocol.
ONVIF is an important standard in the IP video industry, the result of the collaboration of major manufacturers. With this protocol, you can use NVR DS series with all of our IP cameras, but also with IP cameras from other manufacturers, provided they meet the standard.
DSE is one of the few companies in Italy to be a member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST ). Only ONVIF members have access to the tools to certify their products' compliance to the updated standard. This is an important guarantee for the user, which is to be considered in the choice of supplier.

Up to 12MP cameras
4K NVRDS series network video recorders are designed to work with any kind of IP camera, including the best models  up to 12MP resolution.
NVR with only one HDD, DS-IP4 and DS-IP16 can record cameras up to 8MP (4K - 4096x2160), the DS-IP16H model up to 12MP (4000x3000).
Obviously DS range NVR can also handle all the lower resolutions: HD 720P (1280x720), FULL HD 1080P (1920x1080), 3, 4, 5 and 6 MEGAPIXEL.
The maximum frame rate for each channel is 25 f / sec, which means 100% real time. 25 f / sec is the movie standard. At this playback speed, the human eye does not feel the distance between the single frames of the movie and the video is fluid even when shooting subjects moving fast.
The ability to handle high resolution IP cameras, over 4K, is one of the factors that put this range of NVRs at the top of the market.

Up to 4K monitor
4K NVRAll DS Series NVRs come with 4K HDMI monitor output to connect the most advanced monitors on the market at maximum resolution.
This is another important factor distinguishing this range from the lower end NVRs.
If you purchase IP cameras with a resolution above 2MP, such as our 4MP models, you should not use them with normal NVR with 2MP (FullHD 1080P) video output, because you would not be able to see full resolution of your cameras on screen.
With NVR series DS, with 4K HDMI output,  you can reproduce perfectly the best 4K IP cameras in the market and manage the best TV monitors of any size.
Obviously, these NVRs allow you to connect standard 1080P monitors to the HDMI port and also have a VGA port for computer monitors. You can split the visual area in many modes, depending on the connected cameras, and you can also manage the corridor view mode by displaying some cameras with vertical orientation.

H264/H265 video compression
H265 NVR NVR DS series are among the few NVRs on the market that already support the H265 format: the most advanced video compression standard available today.
Latest evolution of video coding, H265 has further improved the performance of the previous H264 format by reducing the video bandwidth by more than 50%.
Most of our IP cameras are now supporting H265 video compression, but if the NVR is not suitable for this format you must turn them to H264 mode.

With our H264/H265 NVR, you can always use the full potential of your cameras, whether they use H264 or latest H265 format.

Generous inbound bandwidth up to 160 Mbps
One of the most critical factor affecting the cost of an NVR is the maximum incoming bandwidth it can handle.
An enhanced input bandwidth NVR can handle more cameras, higher resolution and higher frame rates.
One of our 2MP IP H265 cameras takes around 2MP bandwidth, depending on the settings. Our 4MP camera takes about 4MB and so on increasing the resolution.
All NVRs in this range provide a generous bandwidth, above average, to leave you free in choosing and adjusting your cameras.

Inbound bandwidth  40 Mbps  60 Mbps  160 Mbps 
Outbound bandwidth  60 Mbps  80 Mbps  320 Mbps 
Max. remote users  128  128  128 

POE ports
Unlike our range of NVR DN Series, which only works with cameras connected to the external network, this DS range also provides the user with built-in network ports to connect IP cameras to the NVR.
All the b
uilt-in network ports are equipped with POE power suitable to any type of IP camera, both in normal  (IEEE802.3af) and high power (IEEE802.3at).
In the NVR menu you can control the power consumption of each camera and the remaining power capacity, for a perfect system management.
Obviously you are not obliged to use the NVRs POE ports and you can choose to leave them partially or totally free while connecting the cameras to the external network.

POE ports  16 
Max. total power 54W  108W  240W 
Max. power per port 30W  30W  30W 

PLUG & PLAY configuration
If you are not familiar with the operation of a network, you may be afraid to purchase a high performance NVR, thinking it is sophisticated and complex. On the contrary, our NVR DS series makes installation of the entire IP system very simple even for those with limited computer skills.
Thanks to the integrated DHCP server, our NVRs automatically configure all network parameters of each IP cameras which is connect to the POE  ports (Plug and Play).
You can take the cameras from the box and connect them right to the NVR without any preliminary configuration.

HDD video recording
LiLike all digital video recorders, NVR store all the video files on built-in Hard Disks, the same kind of memories used by Personal Computers. In order to provide the maximum flexibility, DN video recorders are supplied without hard disk.
1 or 2 SATA Hard Drive of any brand and up to 8TB capacity can be installed, in order to tailor the recording capacity to your actual needs.
Besides recording on the internal drive, these NVR provide you the option to record on external network storage devices (NAS).

HDD bay 2
Max. HDD capacity 8 TB 8 TB 8 TB
NAS support Yes  Yes  Yes 

Continuous/Motion/Manual recording
These NVR can record continuously, but more often are set to record on a motion detection basis.
The motion detection feature allows these devices to record only in the event of intrusion.
Motion detection can be set individually for each channel and enabled according to the the time and the day of the week.
These NVR also support pre/post-alarm recording. They may record video before/after the intrusion for a programmable period of time.
An interesting recording option, not supported by any other recorders in our range, is manual recording that allows the user to start/stop recording according to the needs.

Instant playback and PIP Zoom
To review your video recordings, you have several search tools available and a convenient timeline view to quickly track all videos that matter.
Also available is the instant playback of the latest recordings with just one click of the mouse while watching live. This Instant Playback feature is very useful to surveillance personnel to quickly review scenes that just happened.
During playback, you can zoom in on the details with a mouse click. A Picture-In-Picture view of the global scene is displayed while zooming (PIP Zoom).

Networking with browser
On the back of the NVR, in addition to the network ports for cameras, there is a network port for connecting the external network or directly to the router.
You can control NVR from a remote computer by simply using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can see live images, play and download recorded footage, move PTZ cameras, and control all system features including full NVR configuration.
It is also possible to record incoming images from the NVR.
Unlike other DVR in our range, this DSE series is also supporting Safari for MAC.

Free cloud server
When you buy one of our NVR, you are not only purchasing the physical product but also the right to use our online cloud server for free.
Thanks to cloud server you can immediately connect to your NVR via the Internet, even if you do not have a static IP address and do not need to configure your router.  All you need is the ID of your NVR and your login password.

Free mobile APP
You can connect to our NVRs with Android and iOS mobile devices  using the GuardViewer application that you can download and install on all your mobile devices. The application is totally free and ads-free.
You can use the app on both your internal wifi and 3G / 4G mobile network using our cloud server.
With GuardViewer you have full control of your NVR anywhere:
Multi-channels Live view
Remote control of PTZ speed dome cameras
Remote search and playback of recorded videos
Full remote configuration of DVR setting
DVR phonebook
Recording live videos on mobile device
Compatible with CLOUD servers

Email alarm with PUSH notification
NVR are able to start alarm actions if an alarm input is triggered or in case intruders activate the motion detection feature.
In case of alarm, the NVR can play an alarm sound and start recording. It can also move PTZ cameras.
DN NVR can also send alarm information via web.
You can set your NVR to send e-mail or upload files via FTP to secure videos online. You can also receive real-time PUSH notifications to your mobile phone.

Free monitoring software
Our Central Monitoring Station software for Windows, is supplied free with all NVR.
With the CMS software you can monitor several NVRs with a single personal computer, building up a powerful monitoring station.
You can set up your own video settings and display up to 64 cameras in just one monitor.
Our monitoring station is a great software tool for users who manage multiple surveillance systems like shopping chains, hotels, public companies etc.

Easy back-up by USB port
DN range NVR come with USB ports and built-in drivers for plug and play control of any external storage device.
You can connect USB Hard Disks, Pen Drives and DVD burners to the USB ports of the NVR.
A user friendly backup menu on the screen help you to save your files with ease, ready to be played on PC or delivered to the police.

Hexaplex operation
For maximum security the NVR never stops recording. Surveillance is still operating even in case of managing Display options, Recording, Playing archived videos, Networking, Video back-up and NVR setting.

Advanced Speed-dome controlspeed dome control via DVR
These NVR are able to control speed dome IP cameras. Unlike analog speed dome, IP motorized cameras do not require additional wiring for remote control because the onvif protocol supports all PTZ commands.
The advanced user interface gives access to all speed dome camera controls including preset, cruise, tour, patterns and configuration menu.
In cas
e of alarm event (motion, alarm inputs) a related PTZ control can be automatically activated.

Bi-directional audio
Unlike analog DVR, NVR has no inputs for camera audio because the audio of IP cameras is packed in the video streaming.  However, these NVRs come with an additional audio input which enables the user to speak to people near the camera.

According to local privacy law
The regulation on people privacy is different from Country to Country. Anyway, almost anywhere in the world, the local authorities recommend not to store videos for too long time.
In order to suit any local requirement, the HDD overwrite feature of the DVR can be set in DAYS (from 1 to 240).
Once reached the predefined number of days, the DVR automatically start overwriting the oldest files in the archive.


Connection terminals are placed in the back of the NVR.
Click picture to enlarge.

NVR connessioni


NVR connessioni


NVR connessioni


See below the backpanel of DS-IP16-8P as an example

NVR connessioni

DC input for the power adaptor (included). Because of the POE ports, these devices are not powered at 12VDC like other DVR in our range. See the table below

Power supply 48VDC 52VDC 220VAC
Adaptor Included Included Built-in

RJ45 plug. Suitable to connect LAN switch or router. 
RJ45 ports to connect POE IP cameras (IEEE802.3af/at)

2 USB ports are available to connect the mouse and USB storage devices like pen drives, HDD etc.

Up to Full HD 1080p video output for PC monitors
Up to 4K video+audio output for TV sets

RCA terminal suitable to connect a local microphone for video conference. Please note this is not an audio input for cameras because IP cameras do not need extra wiring for audio which is included in the video streaming.

RCA for loudspeakers.
(DS-IP16H only)
The models with 2 HDD (DS-IP16H) have 4 inputs and 1 alarm output. You can connect the inputs to detectors ior contacts that can switch an alarm in the NVR. The alarm output allows you to operate devices such as lighting, sounders etc. in the event of an alarm. This NVR also lets you manually remotely control the alarm output.


Several viewing options are available for dividing the screen according to the requirements and scan among several pages. Corridor mode of cameras is also supported.
Playback controls include Slow motion, Frame-by-frame viewing, Fast forward
Playback search is quick and easy using a convenient timeline 
Magnify any detail just just dragging your mouse over the video. Digital zoom is available in both live view and playback
The NVR can record continuously, only at set time/dates or only when triggered by an alarm event generated by external sensors or the motion detection system. Manual recording by mouse is also supported.
In addition to video recording, you can take photographs at a programmable frequency (from 5sec to 24hrs). This is a useful feature to keep record of long processes such as building construction.
The motion analysis function automatically starts recording when the image changes because an intrusion occurs.
Each alarm event can generate e-mail messages to programmable addresses and FTP pictures upload.
Real time notification can be sent to mobile phones in case of events.

PTZ can be controlled by the user with the mouse or from remote PC/mobile phones. Camera preset can be re-called in case of event. Full control of Preset, Cruise, Patterns.
User name/password management with programmable access levels.
DN range NVR's support both Fixed IP and DHCP networks. Most popular DDNS services can be managed in order to access the systems which cannot get a static IP address on the Internet. DVR's support PPPoE, so ADSL modems can be connected straight to the NVR Ethernet port.
CLOUD SERVER – On-line free server for easy web connection without DDNS and port forwarding.
HDD DIAGNOSTIC - A maintenance program allows checking the HDD integrity to prevent faults