6-22 mm. MANUAL ZOOM

IP ANPR onvif cameras

Car plate capture camera. For 100% readable car plates video recording

AHD video format CVI TVI video format CVBS video format Outdoor waterproof casing 30 m. IR illuminator IR filter with automatic removal 180 Km/h max. speed Manual lens 6-22 mm OSD menu control from DVR through video cable with UTC


The car plates recognition is one of the most frequent requests in the world of video surveillance, however it is not an easy task for the cameras and requires specific technologies. Designed for car plate capturing, these ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) AHD cameras provide 100% readable characters in all conditions . They are excellent cameras for gas station monitoring or vehicle access control for companies. Nevertheless you can use them to monitor an access road to your property. These AHD ANPR cameras work with all standard AHD DVRs, adding a very important extra value to your CCTV system. These ANPR cameras are for analog AHD systems, if you are looking for digital cameras, please find here our IP ANPR cameras.
See below some image captures from a real installation.

With Anti-Dazzle algorithm

These cameras come with an anti-glare system that allows you to monitor license plates even at night , when normal cameras are blinded by vehicle headlights. For this reason, in night mode, these cameras provide a very dark image that makes the license plate stand out, illuminated in the dark by the LEDs of the camera. Watch here a demo clip which have been recorded with these ANPR cameras and an ordinary NVR.

Vehicle speed up to 180 Km/h

These cameras do not use automatic shutter, like normal cameras, but fixed shutter. The built-in LCD display allows you to set the maximum speed of the vehicles . With extra fast shutter speed you can capture car plates up to 180 km/h. If you expect the vehicles not to move so fast, you should set a slower shutter speed, so that the general image will be brighter at night. .

30 meters adjustable IR with ICR

With low light, or at night, these cameras shoot the license plates thanks to their infrared illuminator which emits an invisible light that does not bother the drivers. The maximum capturing distance is 30 meters. The power of the LEDs can be adjusted by means of the on-board monitor. The cameras in this range are equipped with high-performance IR LEDs that provide brigth illumination while maintaining relatively low power consumption. The LEDs turn on automatically below 10 lux. In night mode the camera shoots in Black White thanks to a mechanical removal of the IR filter (ICR).

6-22 mm. manual zoom

When reading license plates, perfect lens adjustment is essential. For this reason, these cameras are equipped with a 6-22 mm. manual zoom lens that you can adjust according to the target distance. Rememeber that a license plate camera must be focused to the road, so it is not meant for ordinary surveillance. You can adjust the zoom lens to monitor up to 3 lanes.

Easy to install on the road side

These cameras are mounted on the roadside using the wall bracket included. You can use them to monitor both the front or rear license plates with an optimal reading distance between 5 and 30 meters . When choosing the best position for your camera, consider that the optimal angle with respect to the vehicles direction is around 30°.
All ANPR settings like: Speed, IR power and threshold, scene brightness etc. are set on the built-in monitor by means of a user friendly configuration menu. The built-in display is a great benefit that allows you quick and super easy installation

12VDC power supply + BNC AHD video

All cameras in this range have 2 connectors: BNC plug for video and DC plug for 12VDC power. The connectors are placed at the end of a cable of about 70 cm. which protrudes from the back of the camera. This cable is useful to reach a junction box where connections must be kept protected from the rain. You can supply 12V power with an adapter near the camera or with a central power supply unit. Choose in our range of power adapters the most suitable solution for your system. You can transfer the video signal with coaxial cables. Alternatively, you can use UTP network cable with small converters called balun. If you purchase special CCTV combined cables, with coax and power cords in the same jacket, you can wire AHD cameras with a single cable. These cameras generate AHD 2MP video that must be connected to a suitable DVR.

OSD remote control with UTC

These AHD cameras come with UTC chip that allows you to adjust the OSD menu of the camera from the DVR by sending commands through the video cable. It's a very convenient function because it allows you to modify the camera options from remote, as you can do with IP cameras. To be able to control the camera menu remotely you need a DVR that supports the UTC protocol, like ours


Mounting accessories

These ANPR cameras are supplied in an IP66 waterproof casing which include a cooling fan and a wall mounting bracket . If you need to install them on a pole or a corner, you can purchase the mounting accessories for our speed dome cameras that you can easily adapt by drilling the plate.


Easy to set-up with built-in LCD

With our IP cameras for license plate monitoring, shooting 100% readable license plates is very easy. No previous experience or difficult settings are required. You can install the camera where you like and make all the adjustments with the built-in LCD and buttons. These camera come with default settings that are perfect for most monitoring scenarios. Usually you do not need to customize anything, except adjusting the lens. Nevertheless you can customize several options in the OSD menu to perfecty match your application according to vehicle speed and environment light. We recommend to carry out all setting operations at night, parking a real vehicle on the reading line.


Compatible with standard DVR

You can use our ANPR cameras with a normal DVR, like ours DVR RK Series. With an ANPR camera in your CCTV system, placed on an access road or a driveway, you will be sure to record 100% readable car plates. It is a very important added value, which deserves the installation of a special camera. Combined with DVR, our license plate reading cameras are ideal for surveillance of gas stations, car wash, urban areas and companies .

DVR RK Series


Essential for gas station

If you own a gas station or car wash, you know how important it is to record license plates. A standard camera, even 4K, cannot capture license plates due to refraction and glare. For this reason you should consider installing at least one of these ANPR cameras near an entrance or exit. Every number plates will be recorded in your NVR.

Ideal for hotel and companies

The license plate of a vehicle is statistically the crucial data which most frequently allows people to be identified . All activities, from accommodation to recreational facilities or production companies, can greatly increase the safety of their facilities by installing our license plate reading camera at the entrance. It can also be easily integrated into existing video surveillance systems.


Description AHD ANPR LPR camera for car plate capture
Type Analog ANPR camera without OCR
Maximum resolution 2MP
Image sensor 1/2.8” Sony CMOS
Chipset Nextchip NVP2441H
Video resolution AHD 1080P 1920×1080@ 25 fps
Video format AHD/CVI/TVI 2MP 1080P + CVBS
Local power supply 12VDC
Infrared illuminator IR 30 m. (850nm) with adjustable power
Lens Manual zoom 6..22 mm.
Focus Manual
Optimal ANPR distance 5...30 m. 30° angle
ANPR max. vehicle speed 180 Km/h
Shutter 1/25...1/50000
S/N ratio Above 52dB
Video output BNC
Audio input
Alarm I/O
Remote controls OSD from NVR via UTC
Mirror Verticale e/o Orizzontale
Overlay Nome telecamera
WDR 120dB
Anti Fog
HSBLC ANPR anti dazzle algorithm
Casing Aluminum+ABS
Protection rating IP66 Water-proof
Bracket Wall bracket included
Operating temperature -20°C +70°C RH80% Max
Power supply 12VDC
Power consumption Max. 4.3 W IR ON
Dimensions 148 (L) x 110 (H) x 300 (P) mm.
Weight 1,2 Kg. (without bracket)

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What is included?


What is not included?

12V power adapter is not included, you can choose one among our power adapters. Wall bracket is included. For mounting to poles or corners you can order and adapt one of our speed dome mounting accessories.

What is the price?

Find all prices in our e-commerce portal CCTVSTOREPRO.COM.