Waterproof cameras for vehicles   


Waterproof color camera for vehicles
Surface mounting
45° angle view

Waterproof color camera for vehicles
Flush mounting
Straight view

Waterproof color camera for vehicles
Flush mounting
Adjustable view

Waterproof color camera for vehicles
Flush mounting
Straight view
6 m IR illuminator

Waterproof color camera for vehicles
Surface mounting
Adjustable view
15 m IR illuminator



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  fish-Eye lens 
  IP65 water-proof
  mirror option
parking line option 
  12VDC power
  incl. video cable



45° surface mounting


car camera flush outdoor

Flush mounting



Flush mounting
adjustable view


IR vehicle camera

Flush mounting
with 6 m. IR illuminator


camper camera surveillance

Surface mounting
adjustable view
with 15 m. IR illuminator




camera for vehicles car camera van camper camerasThese cameras are designed to be mounted on vehicles like cars, vans, buses or trucks. They come in a small size and waterproof casing which make them also suitable to several others CCTV application.

The waterproof aluminum housing
The camera body is made of aluminum in order to prevent corrosion. The elegant high-tech case suits perfectly any vehicle design. The hermetically-sealed shell (IP67) can be mounted outdoor without further protection.

Several cameras with different mounting options
This range of vehicle cameras includes several versions to be chosen according to the position of the camera and the direction of view.
All cameras come with fixing accessories for car body which suits well any panel mounting if the camera is not use on a vehicle.

RE-VCC1 To be mounted on the surface of the vehicle with 45° downwards view. 5
RE-VCC2 For flush mounting with straight view. 18,5
RE-VCC2D For flush mounting with adjustable view. The camera ball is swivel mounted in the camera base and can be oriented in any direction 22,5
RE-VCC4IR For flush mounting with straight forward view. 28
RE-VCC5IR For surface mounting with adjustable view. 20

The camera and the lens
These cameras are based on a 1/4" C-MOS color sensor which provides 420 TV lines resolution.  Unlike normal cameras, this vehicle cameras come with super wide angle fish-eye lenses in order to reduce bind areas. The angle of view is around 120°. Lens cannot be replaced.
If not used on vehicles, the extra wide angle lens is best for small rooms and short distance view.

RE-VCC1 1.4. mm 110°
RE-VCC2 1.4. mm 110°
RE-VCC2D 1.4. mm 110°
RE-VCC4IR 2.1 mm. 80°
RE-VCC5IR 2.1 mm. 80°

Infrared illuminator
A few cameras of this range, come
with infrared LEDs and day&night function for viewing in the dark. The IR illuminator automatically switch on when the image is too dark.

RE-VCC4IR 8 LEDs 6 m.
RE-VCC5IR 18 LEDs 15 m.

Rear view functions (MIRROR)Funzione mirror telecamere veicolari
Vehicle cameras can be used for front view as well as for rear view.
For this reason all DSE vehicle cameras come with a selectable MIRROR function.
The m
irror function consists in a digital horizontal flip of the image that simulate the driver view on the rear-view mirror.
Normally it is recommended to switch the mirror function on all the time the camera is used for rear view.
The activation of the  mirror function cannot be reversed.
For rearview application the camera can also display parking lines on the image (see below)

Parking lines overlay (selectable)
If cameras are used for rearview, parking guide lines can be display on the video as a useful reference for the driver.
All cameras are standard set to normal view, without parking lines, in order to suit general application.
The activation of the  parking lines function cannot be reversed.

Further applications

Although ideal for vehicles, these cameras can be used for many others surveillance application, whenever a tiny waterproof camera is required.
Thanks to their fish eye lenses, ideal for short distance view, they can be successfully used for interphones, access control and industrial inspections.
dorrphone camera
RE-VCC1 used as door camera

 If you need to pick up audio, you can connect an external microphone between the camera and audio/video cable. 

Like other hard-wired cameras these cameras can be connected directly to a monitor . DSE produce several small size LCD monitors suitable to be mounted on vehicles. Also DVR's can be connected, both table and portable types.
DSE also produce DVR for vehicles with built-in monitor.
On the back of the camera there is a 50 cm cable with 12VDC plug and video connector (RCA female).
A 6.5 m. video cable, suitable for most vehicle size, is supplied with the camera.
12VDC supply is normally provided by the vehicle battery. If not used on a vehicle, the camera can be powered by a common stabilized 500 mA 220VAC / 12VDC adaptor like RE-AL4S (not included).
For obvious reasons waterproof cameras do not have a microphone.
By connecting the camera to an external transmitter like RE-DTX2 you can control the camera without wires.
For those with less experience, or needing to refresh their knowledge, the tutorials section contains many lessons which explain how to cable and install a hard-wired CCTV system correctly.

The product includes
  Waterproof camera with fish-eye lens
  Power and video cable (0,5 m.)
  Video extension cable (6,5 m.)
  Drilling tool (only flush mounting version)