FIXED 30 m. IR

Camera for domotics

Waterproof outdoor casing WiFi Plug and play installation 30 m SmartIR infrared illuminator 3.6 mm lens Microphone 2 ways audio loudspeaker SD card slot Infrared Cut Filter Motion detection Wifi control Free app for smartphone and tablet Remote control via Internet with P2P cloud server Compatible with Amazon Alexa Compatible with Google assistant


Camera for domotics

Waterproof outdoor casing WiFi Plug and play installation Pan Tilt Zoom motorized camera PAN angle 270° 30 m SmartIR infrared illuminator 4x zoom lens Motorized zoom lens Autofocus lens Microphone 2 ways audio loudspeaker SD card slot Infrared Cut Filter Human detection Autotracking Wifi control Free app for smartphone and tablet Remote control via Internet with P2P cloud server Compatible with Amazon Alexa Compatible with Google assistant


What is a Smart Home camera?

Are you looking for a camera to install by yourself in minutes with your mobile phone? Recording on internal memory with no need of NVR? Unobtrusive in your decor? Do you want to control your cameras, intercom and home automation with a single app?
If this is what you are looking for our Smart Home Cameras are your best choice. Designed for you home wifi, these Smart Home cameras are compatible with the Tuya home automation platform and integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Based on TUYA platform

These Smart Home products are part of our DM Series for home automation, which includes WiFi cameras, remote controls and video intercoms. All products in this range are based on TUYA home automation platform and its IOT app Smart-Life, widely used all over the world. With our Smart Home products you can fully automate your home , simply by purchasing devices and connecting them to your WiFi in a matter of seconds. Supervise your properties with our 220V cameras or battery cameras; control your lights, heating, irrigation with our remote controls or interact with people with our intercoms. Our Smart Home devices are wireless, easy to install and really inexpensive.

With 2-ways audio

Our smart home cameras come with built-in microphone and speaker for two-way dialogue. It is a very convenient function, which you rarely find in our Onvif cameras for classic video surveillance. In the SmartLife app you find 2 buttons for hearing and talking live with people near the camera. Two-way audio is very useful especially in home surveillance of the elderly.


All you Home Automation in one APP

All our DM Series Smart Home devices like cameras, remote controls and intercoms, can be controlled with the excellent IOT Smart Life home automation app, compatible with all devices in the world based on the Tuya platform. With the Smart Life app you monitor your entire home via the Internet. You can receive cameras live view, playback and notifications. You can turn on lighting, aircon or irrigation. You can even answer the intercom, like taking a phone call.

SmartLife, the Internet Of Things mobile app

IOT means Internet Of Things. Today it is no longer just a beautiful name, but an amazing reality that we all can afford. With SmartLife, the most popular IOT app in the world, you can control all our DM Series home automation devices and automate your whole house. SmartLife allows you to connect the cameras to your wifi network in a few taps and connect via the Internet with no difficult configuration. With your mobile phone, you can WATCH the cameras live, CONTROL Pan Titl Zoom, HEAR, TALK and PLAYBACK. You can also RECEIVE alert notifications if an intrusion occurs.

Free app for iOS or Android Real time live view Playback Listen-in 2-ways audio PTZ motor camera control Other device control Push notifications Cloud P2P Available on Google Play Available on Apple Store


Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Our Smart Home cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant / Google Assistant voice control platforms. Both platforms offer you different devices with monitors such as Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub where you can watch your cameras with a simple voice command. Just download the SmartLife skill and in a few minutes you will be ready to call the name of your camera and watch it in the display. With our Smart Home cameras and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can install a WiFi monitor in every room of your home with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa Compatible with Google assistant Google Home


Connect the power adapter

To install a Smart Home camera you just need wifi coverage and power supply. The cameras are supplied with 12VDC power adapter which you must connect to the camera plug. Here you see the connectors placed on the cable that comes out from the back of the cameras. As you can see, there is also a network plug that is normally not used, but is available if you want to connect the camera via cable, for example in areas not reached by your WiFi.

Connect to your WiFi without PC

Unlike our Onvif cameras for CCTV systems, these Smart Home cameras are designed to be installed without the aid of a computer and without knowing anything about networks or IP. You just need a mobile phone to connect the cameras to your home wifi in a few minutes. Download the free Smart Life app on your smartphone and show the QR code that pop up on the screen in front of the camera. In just a few easy steps your camera is ready to work via the Internet. The P2P cloud server avoid difficult router settings and support any Internet connection, even 4G or satellite.

Indoor or outdoor, with infrared illuminator

These cameras are small and stilish, to bledn into any decor, but they are also waterproof, suitable for outdoor mounting. These cameras come with infrared illuminator to work even at night, in the dark. This product range also includes motorized PTZ cameras that allow you to zoom in and rotate the camera in all directions.


Recording on SD card

Smart Home cameras are designed to work on their own, without an external video recorder . You can record videos by inserting a micro SD card into the internal slot which is located behind a waterproof cover. These cameras accept micro SD cards up to 128GB. With the mobile app you can search and playback the recorded videos by date and time.

Monitor via Internet by PC

Although these home automation cameras are mainly designed for control by smartphone or tablet, you can also monitor via computer. It can be useful to comfortably control your home while you are at work. No software is required to access from a computer, just use any browser and connect to logging in with your smartphone. All browser are supported: Chrome, Firefox or even Safari for Mac.

Save videos on Cloud

These cameras can save recorded video in the event of an intrusion on a cloud server via the web. It's an interesting feature, if you are concerned that your cameras could be stolen by the intruders. You can playback the video recordings at any time, via app or computer. You can choose among several subscription options at a reasonable fee.


Check your WiFi coverage

To choose the best place for your Smart-Home device you must first check the coverage of your WiFi signal. In fact, these devices must connect to your WiFi network in order to work. You can easily check the coverage of your wifi network with your mobile phone just checking the available signal where you want to install the device. If you can surf the Internet smoothly with your phone, then the signal is good for your smart home device. In general, a normal WiFi Hot Spot, such as your Internet router, allows you to reach devices up to 3 or 4 rooms away. If your WiFi does not cover the area where you would like to install the device, you can extend your WiFi network by installing additional Hot Spots or WiFi repeaters.

Watch on TV with Chromecast

Our Smart Home cameras are suitable to Google Chromecast, the small interface that transform your TV in a universal display. By connecting chromecast to an HDMI port you can watch our Smart Home cameras on your TV, without wires, in a few simple taps.


Description IP camera with wifi IP PTZ camera with wifi
Type Bullet camera Mini speed dome camera
Maximum resolution 2MP 2MP
Optical sensor 1/3" CMOS F37H 1/3" CMOS F37H
Chipset GK7102C GK7102C
Video resolution 1920x1080 @ 25 f/s 1920x1080 @ 25 f/s
Video compression H264 H264
POE power supply
Local power supply 12VDC (adapter included) 12VDC (adapter included)
Infrared illuminator 30 m. (18 IR LED 850nm) 30 m. (6 IR LED 850nm + 4 white LED)
Full color night view when triggered
Lens 3.6 mm Motor zoom 3.6...12 mm.
Focus Fixed Autofocus
Shutter 1/25...1/10000 1/25...1/10000
S/N ratio Over 52dB Over 52dB
Network Port RJ45 10/100 Base-T RJ45 10/100 Base-T
WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n/ 2.4GHz IEEE802.11b/g/n/ 2.4GHz
Audio Input Built-in microphone Built-in microphone
Audio Output Built-in speaker Built-in speaker
I/O Alarm
SD card Max. 128GB Max. 128GB
CVBS Output
Rotation speed - Max. 30°/sec
Rotation range - 270° PAN, 90° TILT
Automatic functions - 220 presets, 1 tour
Home function
Timer PTZ
Protocols Tuya Tuya
Onvif Not supported Not supported
Voice control Amazon Alexa, Google Home Google Assistant Amazon Alexa, Google Home Google Assistant
Browser Via web cloud - All browser supported Via web cloud - All browser supported
Smartphone Smart Life or Tuya Free APP for iOS and Android Smart Life or Tuya Free APP for iOS and Android
Multi streaming 2 streams 2 streams
Saving on the web cloud Supported on Tuya cloud (buy via app) Supported on Tuya cloud (buy via app)
Mirror Vertical (flip) Vertical (flip)
Overlays Date Time Date Time
Motion detection
Human detection
Auto Tracking
Privacy mask
Alarm actions Push notifications to app Push notifications to app, turn on white LEDs
Invio foto Time-Lapse
Casing Alluminum Polycarbonate
Mounting Wall or Ceiling Wall
Degree of protection IP66 for outdoor use IP66 for outdoor use
Bracket included
Operating temperature -20°C +60°C RH95% Max -20°C +60°C RH95% Max
Power supply 12VDC +/-10% 12VDC +/-10%
Power consumption Max. 6W Max. 8W
Overall dimensions 60 x 60 x 106 mm. 100 x 160 x 170 mm.
Weight 350 gr. 530 gr.


What is included?


What is not included?

Micro SD card for recording is not included

What is the price?

You can find the prices of our products in the Online Price List or in the CCTV STORE, our e-commerce portal.