Waterproof AHD/Analog for flush mounting



Flush mounting camera
for BTicino Axolute
Grey color
4 in 1 1080P


Flush mounting camera
for BTicino Living
Grey color
4 in 1 1080P

Note: Other versions available upon request

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AHD video output provide HD 720P resolution if connected to AHD DVR
All cameras with this logo come with AHD (Analog High Resolution) video output besides traditional CVBS.
An AHD suitable DVR is required to use the AHD output





AHD 1080P 4 in 1 camera 1080P AHD/CVI/TVI + CVBS

  3,6 mm pin-hole lens
4 in 1 1080P
Suitable for BTicino Axolute line
Single module size

4 IN 1 camera: AHD+CVI+TVI @ 1080P + CVBS 1000 TVL 1000 TVL resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens On Screen Display with UTC remote control




AHD 1080P 4 in 1 camera 1080P AHD/CVI/TVI + CVBS

  3,6 mm pin-hole lens
4 in 1 1080P
Suitable for BTicino Living line
Single module size

4 IN 1 camera: AHD+CVI+TVI @ 1080P + CVBS 1000 TVL 1000 TVL resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens On Screen Display with UTC remote control


Note: Other versions, suitable for different systems, are available upon request





These mini-cameras for flush mounting in the BTicino switch plates are a highly appreciated solution for those who want an indoor video surveillance system without any visible components.

Cameras in BTicino switch panel
These cameras are designed to be installed in the BTicino flush mounting boxes, the most popular wall boxes for switches and plugs. They fit into their seat and occupy the space of a single module. They can be mounted side by side with other elements such as switches or power sockets.
These cameras monitor front-side with a wide-angle, non-adjustable, view. For effective monitoring, it is important that the wall box is positioned in a fairly central area with respect to the room and about one meter from the floor.

RE-BCC3FD3A1 Ticino Axolute

The standard models of this range are designed for the BTicino AXOLUTE and LIVING series, with anthracite gray pushbuttons. On request, we can customize the product finishing in order to match any other range of switch panels, both BTicino and other brands. Normally custom execution does not involve price changes. If you're interested in a custom product, ask for information by writing to support@dsecctv.com  

AHD cameras - Analog HD AHD 1080P

AHD technology
AHD technology is the latest development in the analog CCTV industry and is supported by all models in this range.
Launched in May 2014 by Nextchip, worldwide leader in DSP for CCTV cameras, AHD technology brings analog cameras up to FULL HD 1080P (1920x1080) video resolution. Before AHD, megapixel resolution was only possible using digital cameras.
Connected to latest generation AHD DVR, these cameras provide megapixel resolution, with no latency, still being low cost and easy to install as standard analogue cameras.
Like any analog cameras, AHD cameras can be wired by normal coaxial or twisted pair cables up to several hundreds meters.

4 in 1 cameras
Besides AHD, there are other high definition analog standards available on the market. The most popular are TVI and CVI.
In order to provide the maximum compatibility with all DVR, all these cameras are able to support all high definition formats: AHD, CVI, TVI as well as traditional CVBS video.
These cameras are virtually compatible to every DVR you may have.
Unlike most other vendors, we use original 4 in 1  chip from Nextchip instead of low cost Chinese imitations that provides much lower video quality.

High analog video resolution
All cameras in this range are able to produce a composite video output (CVBS) suitable to any DVR or monitor.
AHD cameras provide 1000 TVL when used in CVBS mode.

Lens options
These cameras come with 3.6mm pin-hole lenses that allow a wide-angle view up to about 70 °. The lens is placed at the center of the module and monitor front-side. It is important that the box in which the camera is mounted is in a convenient position to monitor the room.

These cameras do not have a microphone. If you need to pick up audio, you can connect an external microphone

DSP with OSD
The video processing of all cameras in this range is controlled by a DSP microprocessor.
All cameras come with On-Screen-Display (OSD) which allow the user to set several camera options.

Setting the OSD options, the camera can be configured to perfectly suit any environmental conditions.
Following main features are available to be set:
VIDEO ADJUSTMENT - Lens type, electronic shutter, AWB, AGC, brightness, contrast etc. can be adjusted according to the environment.
SENS-UP / DSS - Useful functions for low-lux surveillance of dark areas
PRIVACY MASKS - Up to 4 masking areas can be set in order to mask surveillance spots and protect people's privacy.
MIRROR - Image can be reversed in case of backward or up side down views.
CAMERA NAME - Camera name can be edit and display on the video
NOISE REDUCTION - Digital video noise reduction for low-light or poor video signals (2DNR / 3DNR)
HSBLC - Feature for masking unwanted strong light sources like vehicle headlights
BLC DWDR - Compensation of areas with different light level, like rooms with windows

OSD remote control via UTC  
In order to allow the user to modify the OSD options conveniently at anytime, all DSE OSD cameras include a UTC chip which permits to control the OSD from the other end of the video cable.
All our DN range DVR include the UTC function and allow to set the camera OSD sitting conveniently in front of the monitor.


Like all analog cameras, these cameras can be connected by wires to any video-recorder for analog CVBS, AHD, CVI and TVI video.
A 40 cm. cable with DC Plug and BNC female video connector, comes out from the back side of the camera.
A 220VAC/12VDC power adaptor can be connected to the DC plug to power up the camera. Min 1000mA, fully regulated, power adaptor is required. Should you prefer to provide the power from a central point you can order a power supply unit in metal casing.
Video signal must be hard-wired to TV/Monitor/DVR using RG59 or RG179 coaxial cable (see cables). Coaxial cable must be terminated with BNC connectors. Alternatively, the video signal can also be wired using a twisted pair installing on both ends two balun converters.
These cameras support AHD/CVI/TVI high resolution analog video. These high resolution video format require suitable AHD/CVI/TVI DVR.  All our AHD cameras can be switched to CVBS (standard analog video) if required.
For further information, have a look at the DSE tutorials which include several useful lessons about how to wire a CCTV system.

The product includes
  Waterproof camera with 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens
  Power and video cable (40 cm.)

PLEASE NOTE: These cameras are supplied without power adaptor, which should be purchased separately.