In-wall AHD cameras

Suitable for BTicino plates, Axolute or Living series. Taking only one module in the box.

telecamere sorveglianza AHD da incasso



Telecamera miniaturizzata AHD


Telecamera miniaturizzata AHD


Telecamera miniaturizzata AHD


Telecamera miniaturizzata AHD


AHD in-wall minicameras for CCTV on coaxial cable

The cameras in this range are analog high-resolution AHD CCTV cameras. With these cameras you can create a modern and high-performance video surveillance system while maintaining the simplicity and reliability of traditional analog CCTV, over coaxial cables. An AHD camera does not require configuration like an IP camera: it connects and works immediately. AHD technology is the ideal solution for in-wall cameras because the size of AHD cameras can be really tiny, much smaller than IP cameras.

The AHD cameras for BTicino Axolute or Living plates.

These cameras are designed to be mounted on a BTicino wall plate. They occupy only one module in the box and allow you to create a discreet, stylish video surveillance spot in your room. These cameras provide straight front view and cannot be oriented. In the standard range you can find versions for BTicino Axolute and Living series, in anthracite color. You can request, in the notes of your order, other versions and colors, without extra charges, but with a little longer delivery time. You can use these cameras with AHD DVRs, as shown in this example od a small system.

AHD CVI TVI CVBS : what does it mean?

Most of our AHD cameras are actually 4 in 1, which means they can provide 4 types of video signal. The AHD signal is our main format for high resolution analog video. AHD is the most popular format worldwide and is an international standard that allows you to use our AHD cameras with any brand of AHD DVR. CVI and TVI, also called TurboHD, are similar to AHD but used by other manufacturers. You may use these video formats if you connect our cameras to other DVRs. CVBS is the old analog, low resolution video. You have to switch the camera to CVBS mode if you want to connect to analog monitors or old DVRs. You can switch the video signal of the camera by yourself if you have a DVR supporting UTC control. If you are not sure your DVR has this feature, please specify the video format you need while ordering .


12VDC power, BNC for video and RCA for audio

These micro cameras come with 3 connectors: BNC for video, RCA for audio and 12VDC power plug. You can provide 12V power with an adapter near the camera or with a centralized power supply unit. Choose from our range of DC power supply units the best solution for your system. You can transfer the video signal with coaxial cables. Alternatively, you can use CAT5 network cables, by adding small converters called balun .

Built-in microphone

These mini-cameras also have a built-in microphone that you can connect to the audio input of the DVR. The cable used for audio wiring is very often a simple cable pair. If you buy combined cables, with a coax + two twisted pairs in the same sheath, you can connect these cameras using just one cable. Depending on the model, the microphone is in the camera or built-in the connection cable.

High resolution 2 Megapixel 1080P video

The micro cameras in this range provide high-resolution Full HD video signal that is absolutely comparable to our bigger cameras. The 2MP resolution, also called 1080P or Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), is the current standard of high resolution digital TV and guarantees excellent clear video. These micro-cameras, despite their very small dimensions, are made with the best SONY Lowlux IMX323 CMOS sensors to provide high color quality and superior lowlight sensitivity. Here you can download a video clip in 2MP 1080P resolution.


Infrared illuminator with INVISIBLE LEDs

These cameras provide excellent view with minimum natural light up to 0.01 lux. To work in total darkness some models in this range are equipped with a small infrared illuminator that provides a short distance illumination up to 6 METERS range. This small illuminator works well to illuminate close subjects in total darkness. The 8 SMD micro LEDs turn on automatically when light drop below 10 lux. These micro-cameras came with special LEDs at 940 nm , absolutely invisible to the human eye, which do not produce the classic red dot of normal LEDs. In night mode the camera turns to Black&White.

WDR, BLC, DNR video settings

AHD cameras have many advanced settings, like IP cameras. You can adjust the camera settings with an OSD menu that you can control from our DVRs with UTC remote control feature. To reduce the overall size, the OSD button is not present on the camera. A convenient on-screen menu allows you to fine-tune the image settings in order to suit the area to be monitored. The WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE (WDR) function is useful if you shoot bright areas together with darker areas. With the BLC you can enhance dark subjects on bright background. The DIGITAL NOISE REDUCTION allows you to cut down video noise in low light conditions.


The smallest and discreet cameras for indoor

These in-wall cameras are the most discreet indoor video surveillance solution. You can effectively monitor your premises without having to mount disturbing traditional cameras on walls or ceiling. We are among the very few companies to produce this type of camera, because a great experience in miniaturization is needed. The camera module we use in these product is only 14x16x20 mm., like a fingertip, leaving you a lot of room inside the wall box. IR models are also very compact: only 9x40 mm.


Pin-Hole lens

All these in-wall micro cameras come with a special lens called pin-hole. This tiny lens is essential to make the camera as small as possible. In these micro cameras we use a fixed pin-hole lens with a focal length of 3.7 mm, which provides a wide angle of approximately 70 ° and requires no adjustment. The best results with these cameras are obtained in close-up views: from 1 to 10 meters. The front view cannot be adjusted.


Compatible with all DVR

These AHD cameras are designed to be connected to a digital video recorder , also called DVR, which has the task of digitizing and recording the video signals of the analog cameras. With the video recorder you can perform all the digital functions of IP systems, like remote control via Internet or motion detection. The cameras in this range are compatible with all DVRs on the market, but it is much better that your DVR supports the maximum resolution of the cameras (2MP) to avoid having to switch to CVBS mode. For maximal compatibility, take a look at the features of our DVRs.

RK series DVR

UTC remote control of the OSD menu

These AHD cameras include a UTC chip that allows you to adjust the internal option of the camera directly from the DVR, sending commands along the video cable. It's a very convenient function, essential in hidden cameras where the device might be hard to reach. To be able to control the camera menu remotely you need a DVR that supports the UTC protocol, such as our RK series DVRs.
ATTENTION: You can control the OSD menu and switch the video format of these cameras ONLY FROM DVRs via UTC protocol. These cameras do not have on-board OSD button. If your DVR does not support UTC, you can still use these cameras, but you must specify the video format you need while ordering (AHD, CVI, TVI or CVBS).


Description AHD CVI TVI CVBS in-wall microcamera AHD CVI TVI CVBS in-wall microcamera
Suitable for RE-TCC3TAIR: BTicino Axolute
RE-TCC3TLIR: BTicino Living
RE-TCC3TA: BTicino Axolute
RE-TCC3TL: BTicino Living
Maximum resolution 2MP 2MP
Optical sensor SONY Exmor IMX323 1/2.9" CMOS SONY Exmor IMX323 1/2.9" CMOS
Chipset Fuhan FH8536 Fuhan FH8536
AHD video resolution 1920x1080 @ 25 fps (2 MP HD 1080P) 1920x1080 @ 25/30 fps (2 MP HD 1080P)
TVI video resolution 1920x1080 @ 25f/s (2 MP HD 1080P) 1920x1080 @ 25/30 fps (2 MP HD 1080P)
CVI video resolution 1920x1080 @ 25f/s (2 MP HD 1080P) 1920x1080 @ 25/30 fps (2 MP HD 1080P)
CVBS resolution 960x576 (960H)
Electronic shutter 1/25" ... 1/50000" 1/25" ... 1/50000"
S/N ratio >50dB >50dB
Power supply 12VDC 12VDC
Infrared illuminator 6 m. INVISIBLE (8LED SMD 940nm)
ICR Day/Night with fixed filter
Starlight Minimum illumination 0,01 lux (0 lux IR on) Minimum illumination 0,01 lux
Lens Fixed 3.7 mm. Fixed 3.7 mm.
Focus Fixed Fixed
Audio Microphone in the connection cable Microphone on-camera
Audio output RCA female RCA female
Video output BNC female BNC female
Power input 5.5x2.1 mm. plug 5.5x2.1 mm. plug
AWB Automatic and Manual Automatic and Manual
Anti fog
Privacy mask
Casing BTicino false pole BTicino false pole
Protection degree IP40 for indoor use IP40 for indoor use
Swivel bracket
Operating temperature -10°C +50°C RH95% Max -10°C +50°C RH95% Max
Power supply 12VDC +/-10% 12VDC +/-10%
Power consumption Max 70 mA (IR on) Max 40 mA
Dimensions of camera module Diam. 9 x 40 mm. 14 mm(W) x 16 mm(H) x 20mm(D)
Overall dimensions 21,5 mm(W) x 43,7 mm(H) x 21 mm(D) 21,5 mm(W) x 43,7 mm(H) x 21 mm(D)
Weight 28 gr. 38 gr.

Q & A

What is included?

BTicino false pole camera
Connection cable (50 cm)

What is not included?

All cameras can be powered with a 12VDC power supply. However, the power adapter is not included. If you need a power adapter, look among ours POWER SUPPLIES FOR CCTV

What is the price?

Find all prices in our e-commerce portal CCTVSTOREPRO.COM.