Infrared illuminators

Our IR spots are used to generate infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye but can be used for video surveillance. They are useful for enhancing the camera LEDs in night monitoring of large areas.



illuminatore faro ir 80 m.

850 nm infrared illuminator for day and night CCTV cameras. 8 Maxi LED. 12VDC

Waterproof casing suitable for ourdoor Infrared illuminator up to 80 m.


What is an infrared illuminator ?

Surveillance cameras can not see in the dark. Even our Starlight cameras, with extra sensitive SONY STARVIS ™ sensors for low light, do not work in absolute darkness. This is why almost all our CCTV cameras come with built-in infrared LEDs.
The infrared illuminators produce a special light with 850 nm wavelength which is not visible to the human eye, but is exploitable by cameras. In normal conditions, the illuminator turns on automatically when natural light fades, allowing the camera to monitor in total darkness. It should be noted that the infrared light does not contain the chromatic components that our eyes are used to. That's why the night-time infrared video will appear in Black and White.

Why using stand alone IR beams

These infrared spotlights are used to enhance the action of the standard camera's LEDs when these are not enough for to the area to be covered. IR illuminators perform the same function as ordinary light bulbs with the difference that the area becomes bright for the camera while remaining dark to the human eye. You can also use these stand alone illuminators instead of the camera's LEDs. This is good if you do not want to reveal where the camera is placed or to avoid the attraction of night insects in front of the camera.

Infrared suitable cameras

Not all CCTV cameras can see infrared light. All color cameras are equipped with an IR filter that inhibit IR light to reach the sensor, This is to prevent the colors of the image to look unnatural. In order for the camera to see infrared light, this filter must be removed at night. This function is commonly called Day and Night and consists of a mechanical mechanism (ICR) that physically removes the filter from the sensor surface when the camera goes into night mode. Before purchasing one of our infrared illuminators, you must make sure that the camera has this day / night function (also called ICR, Infrared Cut-Filter Removable). This applies to both IP cameras and AHD analog cameras.

How to know if your camera is day and night

If your CCTV camera has built-in IR LEDs, it certainly has a day-night function and is suitable to be used with these stand alone illuminators. If the camera has no LEDs, you can test the night-day function in a dark room, turning the light on and off. When darkness falls, the day-night cameras automatically switch to black and white. In that moment you should hear a little "click" when the IR filter is removed. If your camera behaves this way, you can use it with these illuminators.

How to install and wire IR spotlights

Installing our IR spotlights is easy because they do not need to be connected to your CCTV system. You just have to provide 12VDC power supply with a suitable power adaptor. IR lights may need considerable power (see technical data) so it is advisable to use a 3A power adaptor (not included) and adequate cable size in case of long wiring. These illuminators are equipped with a light sensor that automatically turns on the LEDs when the light drops below 10 lux.

Mounting and positioning

The IR illuminators in this range are made of extra strong aluminum and are waterproof, with IP67 rating. You can mount them outdoors in the rain and they are corrosion resistant. These illuminator can be screwed to the wall or ceiling and easily oriented thanks to the swivel bracket. You can place the infrared illuminator wherever you like, but never point it at the camera. You do not need to connect the illuminator to the camera or DVR because it turns on and off by itself.

High efficiency Maxi LED array

These IR spotlights do not use small size, inefficient, traditional LEDs, but a LED array consisting of 42mil maxi LEDs. These LEDs provide a high illuminating power while maintaining a relatively low current consumption.

Front Black Glass

The infrared illuminators in this range come with Black Glass, which we also use in all our latest IR cameras. The Black Glass, in addition to the aesthetic factor, increases the efficiency of LEDs (about 8% more than normal glass) while reduce the attraction of insects.


What's included?

IR spotlight with swivel bracket
Power supply cable with DC jack (30 cm)
Mounting screws
Tool for bracket management
Instruction sheet

What's not included?

This product requires 12VDC power. Power adaptor is not included. You should buy a 3A 220VAC/12VDC power adaptor in our POWER ADAPTORS RANGE

What's the price?

All prices of our products are listed in our online Price List or in the CCTV STORE, our ecommerce portal.



Description Stand-alone IR illuminator
Lighting units Led Array 8 x Maxi LEDs 42μ
Maximum range 80 meters
Coverage angle 45°
Wavelength 850nm
ON/OFF Automatically ON below 10 lux
Light sensor CDS
Casing Die casted aluminum
Mounting bracket Included for wall/ceiling
Protection rating IP67
Operating temperature -30°..+50°
Power supply 12VDC (adaptor not included)
Connectors 1 x DC jack 5.5x2.1 mm + inside
Power consumption Max 1100 mA
Overall size and weight 150x120x88 mm. 1,9Kg