Goods return

In this page you find all information on how to return our products for REPARING, REPLACING or REFUND. You can start your RMA or DOA return process right here.
Please never send back any item if you have not received our RMA or DOA number, because your parcel would be rejected.


There are 4 kinds of product return

DSE Recesso


You can take advantage of our money back guarantee if the products you received do not fully meet your expectation or are not suitable for your use. This type of goods return must be requested within 15 days.. It is not possible after this deadline. If you ask your money back, we will refund you the full amount of the purchased items. In the RMA procedure for refund, you must bear just one way transport fee.

DSE sostituzione


If you have purchased a wrong product by mistake, you can replace it. This type of goods return must be requested within 15 days. . It is not possible after this deadline, unless authorized. In the RMA procedure for replacement, you must bear just one way transport fee.

DSE Riparazione


If your product is not working properly, you can return it for check and repair at any time. If the fault is covered by warranty, your product will be repaired or replaced free of charge. If it is not covered by our warranty, a quote will be sent to you before proceeding with the repair. In the RMA procedure for repair, you must bear just one way transport fee.



If you received wrong items, due to a shipping error, or our products are unequivocally faulty on the first use, you can request a DOA (Dead On Arrival) goods return within 3 days from the date of delivery. DOA is possible in this two cases only. In the DOA procedure, all transport fees are paid by us.


Before send out any goods, get in touch with our helpdesk

Contact us

If you need to return a product, the first thing to do is contact our customer service on +39.011.19821054 / +39.011.19118317 , via email or chat.
With the help of our engineers, you may find some solution that solve your problem, without having to return the products.


Monday Friday | 9 AM 2 PM


In order to be able to return any goods, you must first apply for an RMA/DOA authorization

Require RMA DOA

If our staff have advised you to return some items, please fill out this form to request RMA or DOA authorization.
Remember: never return a package without authorization, because it would be rejected.

After submitting your request, please wait for our email, with the authorization number and instructions. It usually takes not more then one day.


These are the 6 steps in our goods return process

First, contact our helpdesk to check if your issue may be solved without returning the products.

Fill out the form on this page to request authorization for return.

Wait for our email, that includes our RMA / DOA form with the authorization number. Print the form and read the instructions on how to return.

Pack the items, write the RMA / DOA number, clearly visible on the outside of the package and enclose the RMA / DOA form inside. Send out your parcel following the instructions received by email.

Our company process is divided into 3 phases: Check on arrival, Quote (if required), Repair / Replacement / Refund. The average delay to complete the process is 3-5 working days.

We will send you the repaired or replaced items by courier. This transport fee is always free of charge. In the package you will find the RMA form filled out with the description of the intervention performed.


The repair process

Upon arrival of the goods, a check-in procedure is carried out. Check-in must confirm the fault you have reported. In a high percentage of cases the fault is not detected, because the issue was due to external causes, such as wiring, power supply etc. In these cases the product check is always free and the items are returned to you free of charge. If a fault is found, it will be repaired free of charge if covered by warranty (see our warranty terms). If the fault is not covered by our warranty, we will send you a quote to approve before proceeding to repair. The faulty product is preferably repaired and never replaced with a new one. However, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to opt for replacement if the repair is impossible or unconvenient.

Laboratorio riparazioni

Transport fees

In the RMA procedures you should bear the return transport fee, while we will pay the return shipping to your address. You can use a courier of your choice, possibly low-cost, such as ordinary mail. Please, never send out an RMA parcel charging the transport fee to us, because it would be rejected. Instead, in DOA procedures , all transport costs are free for you. DOA returns must be made only with our courier, strictly following the instructions you will find in our DOA authorization email.


Managing items and packings

Our repairs do never include the repackaging or aesthetic reconditioning of the products. At the end of the intervention, the product will be returned to you in the same packaging conditions in which you returned it and with the same set of accessories found upon receipt. Before returning the goods, please check carefully that you have included all the accessories, such as power supplies, cables or memories, because sometimes these are the actual cause of the problem. Remember that in no case we send you in advance a new product, to replace the one being repaired. If your application does not allow you to bear a short period of downtime, you should consider to buy some spare parts.

Laboratorio riparazioni

Managing money refunds

You have the right to a refund if you take advantage of our money back guarantee, or if you have replaced an item with a cheaper one. In order to refund your purchase, we issue a credit note, right after checking your returned products. The amount of the credit note covers the full cost of the goods, with the exception of transport, insurance and payment fees. The refund amount may include some depreciation if the goods you returned is not in perfect condition, for example if it has scratches or signs due to the installation. We send your money back by bank transfer, usually within 1-2 days from the credit note date.


How to make the parcel

Carefully pack the good in a carton box. Don't forget to send back all the accessories and the original product box. Make sure that all items are firmly in place, filling with paper or other filler any empty spaces. Print the RMA / DOA form and place it inside the box. Write the RMA authorization number on the outside of the package so that it is clearly visible. Send out the parcel strictly following the instructions contained in our authorization email.

Laboratorio riparazioni

Things to remember

  • Never return goods without RMA / DOA number
  • Never return RMA charging transport fees to the receiver
  • Nevere return DOA with a courier we did not indicate
  • Always enclose the RMA form in the package
  • Always write the RMA / DOA number outside the package

RMA/DOA shipping address

All RMA/DOA goods return must be addressed to:

DSE s.r.l.
Via La Valle 51, 10099 San Mauro Torinese (TO) ITALY

RMA/DOA drop point

If you prefer to bring us the goods in person, instead of using a courier, you can go to this address. Please respect the opening times.

Via Sineo 7/5, 10100 Torino (TO) ITALY

Goods Drop-off/Pick-up
Monday to Friday | 3 PM to 6 PM