Outdoor onvif IP camera

Waterproof outdoor casing WiFi Plug and play installation Pan Tilt Zoom motorized camera 35°/sec rotation speed PAN angle 355° 30 m SmartIR infrared illuminator 4mm fixed lens Microphone 2 ways audio loudspeaker SD card slot Infrared Cut Filter H264 and H265 video compression Human detection Autotracking Free P2P Cloud Server Free APP for smartphone and tablet


300 m. range WiFi transmitter

All IP cameras in this range have a built-in WiFi transmitter that you can connect to your WiFi network. A basic WiFi network is generated directly from your Internet router. If your router cannot cover the whole area, you can extend your wifi network with additional Hot spots. The wifi range of these cameras, in open air, gets up to 300 meters. Indoor, with walls and obstacles, you can cover 4-5 rooms or 1 floor.

Pan Tilt rotation and motor zoom

The cameras in this range are mini speed dome, fully motorized. They can rotate horizontally (PAN) and vertically (TILT). The maximum Pan angle varies from 270 to 355° according to models. The rotor mechanism guarantees precision in positioning and rotation speed up to 30 or 60°/sec, according to model. Seeveral models come with motorized lens providing excellent 4X / 20x zoom with autofocus. You can control the camera movements from PC, NVR and APP.

With Human Detection

These motorized WiFi cameras come with Artificial Intelligence and HUMAN DETECTION. Human detection is much better than normal motion detection because it does not simply trigger on the base of pixel modification, but only when the intruder is a person. Thanks to human detection, these cameras do not detect animals, or objects moved by the wind, but only real people. Human detection is reliable and you can use it even while the camera is moving. The human detection algorithm is based on the shape and movement of the body, so it is able to detect even intruder wearing masks. In case of detection you can send email,FTP and push notifications. You can even play a local pre-recorded sound.

With Autotracking

These cameras include another very useful function to combine with human detection: the autotracking. Thanks to autotracking, the motorized camera is able to automatically rotate and zoom following the path that the person takes within the supervised area. It is a very useful function that allows you to capture close-up videos and more accurate pictures in case of intrusion. The auto-tracking function can be activated and deactivated easily, even with a simple touch on your smartphone, and can be used even if the camera is constantly moving.

2-ways audio and warning sounds

These cameras are equipped with a built-in waterproof microphone and speaker. You can listen-in clearly from PC, APP or NVR and also speak to the people in front of the camera. It is a very convenient function if you use these cameraa to monitor an access. You can detect the presence of a person, with the human detection, follow your target with the autotracking and speak with the two-way dialogue. The speaker has excellent acoustic power and you can even use it to play your pre-recorded automatic message in case of detection. It is excellent to provide indications or discourage the intruders.

IR illuminator for night view

For night time monitoring, these PTZ cameras come with LEDs that provide clear view in the dark up to 30 METERS range . This built-in IR illuminator switch one automatically when natural light is not enough for clear monitoring.


High 2 Megapixel video resolution

The motorized IP cameras of this WiFi series assure Full HD video resolution. 2MP resolution, also called 1080P or Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), is the current standard of high resolution digital TV and meets the needs of most security systems. It is ideal for wireless cameras because it provides good video quality still requiring very little bandwidth. Click the link on the side to compare the most common video resolutions.

Member of ONVIF

You can buy your IP products from us with confidence. DSE is one of the few companies in Italy to be a member of the ONVIF international association, which includes all the main IP security manufacturers and promote standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based security products. All products in this range are supporting Onvif and RTSP protocols. You can match our products with any other device sharing these standards. Click this button here to browse the full list of Onvif members.

H264 and H265 video compression

Our IP motorized cameras support H264 H265 video compression, including the latest upgrades, in order to combine high quality video stream and low bandwidth consumption. These cameras can manage 2 VIDEO STREAMS with different compressions and resolutions, that you can choose from the client device. Choose the well-established H264 format for maximum compatibility with all NVRs, or use the latest H265 to increase the video storage capacity and minimize the bandwidth. Here on the side you can download two similar clips in H264 and H265 format: please note the different file size.

Mirror, WDR, BLC, DNR, AGC

These mini IP WiFi speed dome cameras have many advanced settings. With the browser you can adjust them to your liking in order to adapt the camera to your needs. You can adjust the image and rotate it, with the MIRROR functions, in order to suit the area to be monitored. The WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE (WDR) function is useful if you shoot bright areas together with darker areas. With the BLC you can enhance dark subject on a bright background. The AGC and DIGITAL NOISE REDUCTION functions allow you to improve recording in difficult conditions with poor visibility.


Motorized IP cameras for WiFi network

The cameras in this range are wireless motorized cameras, that you can connect to your WiFi network. You can install these wifi speed dome cameras wherever you like just plugging-in the power adapter. To use these cameras you need to have a wifi network, the one you connect to with your mobile phone. These cameras also have a hard-wired network port in case you prefer traditional wiring.

12VDC power supply

All wifi cameras in this series are equipped with a power plug to connect the 12VDC power adapter included. WiFi cameras are designed to operate without wires, therefore, do not support POE power supply. In the picture aside, you can see the camera terminals, with the 12V power plug and the RJ45 network port. The power supply is the only hardware connection required since both video and controls are wireless.

Get all benefits of IP wireless cameras

One of the main advantages of IP technology over traditional analogue technology (today AHD) is the ability to connect wireless cameras using WiFi. You can use these WiFi cameras to build a fully wireless CCTV system or you can use them together with other wired IP cameras. The video signal of our WiFi cameras is perfectly stable and reliable. Once you have set up your system you will not be able to notice any difference between the cameras that you have connected via cable and the wireless ones. . You can connect these cameras to your wifi network or directly to WiFi NVRs , which we use to make our wifi plug and play kits. Below you can see the layout of a small IP system, partly wired and partly wifi.

Plug&Play WiFi auto-configuration

These motorized WiFi cameras are very easy to install because they support plug&play auto-configuration via app. With our app you can connect the camera to your WiFi network in a matter of seconds, without preliminary hard-wired connection and with no need of computers. All you have to do is to download the app and follow a few easy steps. In just a few seconds you will be ready to use your new PTZ wifi camera via the Internet.

IP66 dome casing for outdoor

These cameras are waterproof, with IP66 rating. You can install these camera outdoor, under the rain, because they are not effected by water or rust. The micro speed dome models come in a stylish, ceiling mount micro dome housing, which is very nice even indooor. The bigger minispeed dome and speed dome cameras are both suitable for wall mounting, usually outdoor. The wall mounting bracket is included.

220 presets, 1 tour

Like all our speed dome cameras, these wifi PTZ cameras can perform automatic moves. You can set 220 PRESET to quickly recall specific positions, and 1 TOUR, also called CRUISE, to monitor a sequence of several presets. Thanks to human detection, these cameras detect intruders even while touring. In case of detection, the camera quit the ordinary tour and follow the intruders with the autotracking functions.


Connect via browser

Every computer on the network is a perfect monitor and control station for your PTZ cameras. No software needs to be installed. Just open the Internet Explorer browser and enter the login password to WATCH the live video on the monitor. You can easily CONTROL the camera movement and zoom with the mouse. A programming menu allows you to CONFIGURE all the camera options and detection features.


APP for smartphone and tablet

These cameras can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet with our free app. You can WATCH the live video, CONTROL CAMERA PTZ and RECORD videos or CAPTURE snapshots. Furthermore, with the app you can easily configure the wifi connection of the camera and receive push notifications in case of intrusion. You can listen-in and talk through the camera speaker. You can also PLAYBACK and DOWNLOAD the videos recorded in the camera memory.

Free app for iOS and Android Live viewing from the app Audio in Bidirectional communication Motorized cameras control Recording control APP APP


NVR compatibility

These cameras are designed to be used with a network video recorder, also called NVR. You can use all NVR video recorders that support the Onvif protocol. If you are building a new system we recommend, for a perfect compatibility, our RK Series NVRs. Through the NVR you can control all the movements of your motorized cameras either locally, using the mouse, or via WEB with a PC or smartphone.

128GB SD Card slot

All cameras in this series have a built-in microSD card slot. You can insert a micro SD memory up to 128GB and record video clips straight in the camera. Once the memory card is full, the automatic overwriting of the oldest video files is usually set. The BUILT-IN MEMORY turns your IP camera into a stand-alone video surveillance system capable of recording even without a network video recorder. We recommend you still use the SD card, even if you have an NVR, because it record in every condition, even if the network is disconnected because of a failure or sabotage.

NVR software for Windows

You can use a computer to monitor and record our IP cameras. You do not have to buy anything, just download our free EasyVMS software for Windows. You can install it on as many computers as you want and use it freely, either as a main video recorder, or as an additional control unit. In addition to local camera control, this software also allows you to access via the WEB with the P2P cloud server.


PC, NVR or KEYBOARD control

You can control the movements of our motorized IP cameras in many ways. You can connect to the camera with your computer and move the camera with the mouse or via app. You can also control the camera via the NVR, locally with the mouse or via the web with a PC or mobile phone. If you want to create a standalone control point with joystick, you can purchase one of our PTZ IP keyboard . You can use more than one control unit in the same the network, such as PC, NVR or a keyboard, using the one which is more conveniently, according to the situation.


Free P2P Cloud server

With your smartphone and computer you can also control your cameras via the Internet. Each camera has an ID number and is registered on our P2P cloud server that you can use for free without limits. Thanks to the PEER-TO-PEER (P2P) technology you can connect via the Internet in a few seconds, even if your Internet connection does not have a static IP and there is no need to intervene in the router configuration. The P2P cloud allows you to use these cameras even with cellular or satellite Internet connection.


Use these cameras also with our WiFi kits

These WiFi cameras are perfectly compatible with our WiFi kits , the plug and play wireless systems, for flats and shops. If you want, you can connect these cameras to the wifi NVR of these kits, in addition to the standard ones. If you purchase these WiFi cameras together with the WiFi kit, we will deliver everything configured and ready to work: 100% plug & play. You can configure your wifi kit to your liking, adding these WiFi speed dome cameras when you need PTZ functions. See how you can add these cameras to the wifi kits in this video tutorial.



Description IP PTZ camera with wifi
Type Micro speed dome
Maximum resolution 2MP
Optical sensor 1/3" CMOS F37H
Chipset HS Hi3516E
Video resolution 1920x1080 @ 25 f/s ... 1280x720 @ 25 f/s ... 650x512 @ 25 f/s
Video compression H264 H265
POE power supply
Local power supply 12VDC (adapter included)
Infrared illuminator 30 m. (4 IR LED 850nm)
Full color night view
Lens Fixed 4 mm.
Focus Fixed
Shutter 1/25...1/10000
S/N ratio Over 52dB
Network Port RJ45 10/100 Base-T
WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n/
Audio Input Built-in microphone
Audio Output Built-in speaker
I/O Alarm
SD card Max. 128GB
CVBS Output
Rotation speed Max. 30°/sec
Rotation range 355° PAN, 90° TILT
Accuracy in positioning 0,5°
Automatic functions 220 presets, 1 tour
Home function
Timer PTZ
Onvif Supported
Browser IE9 or superior other browser at low resolution
Smartphone P6SLite Free APP for iOS and Android
Multi streaming 2 streams
Saving on the web cloud
Mirror Vertical and/or Horizontal
Overlays Date Time Name
Anti fog
Motion detection
Human detection
Auto Tracking
Privacy mask
Anti tampering
Alarm actions Email, FTP, Local warning with custom voice prompt, Push notifications to app
Invio foto Time-Lapse Su SD o FTP
Casing Polycarbonate
Mounting Ceiling
Degree of protection IP66 for outdoor use
Bracket included
Operating temperature -20°C +60°C RH95% Max
Power supply 12VDC +/-10%
Power consumption Max. 8W
Overall dimensions 110 x 85 mm.
Weight 380 gr.


What is included?


What is not included?

These cameras come with a ceiling bracket, but if you need to mount them on a wall you have to order a separate universal bracket

What is the price?

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