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Before you order

Select the product you need browsing our web site

Ask us questions. We are here to help you choose the best product for you.

our guarantee terms 

Money back guarantee
Read the text of the Italian law that gives you the right to get your money back in case you are not satisfied with our products. 


If you are ready to order

Order without login on pricelist
Browse our price list, add products to your shopping cart and receive your order in 24 hours. No registration required.

Order with login on cctvstore
If you prefer to login in a classic e-commerce portal, order on our CCTVSTORE


If you are a dealer or installer

Dealers and installers must register before ordering 

Domestic orders

If you order from Italy you must visit the Italian site and ch
eck conditions for domestic sales.


DSE CCTV price list

Buy from our PRICE LIST if you prefer a catalog/pricelist style and you do not like to log-in



Buy from our CCTVSTORE if you prefer e-commerce style


Using our products

... but thanks to
small customers too.


We ensure that all products in our catalog come from our warehouse.
We deliver orders in 24 hours just using our own stock.
We do not market other company products in order to display wider product range.







Why it's better to buy online?
We sell our products over the Internet and grant particularly favorable conditions to online purchasing. Cutting useless commercial costs, by reaching our costumers through the internet, allows us to offer unbeatable quality/price ratio. 

How to order
You can order our products in 2 different ways: on our PRICE LIST or from our CCTV STORE
Products and prices are exactly the same, but the way they are displayed is different.
Choosing between our price list and our cctv store is just a matter of taste, because anyway orders are treated in the same way.
Please note that the CCTV STORE is not yet available in English.

Place an order in our PRICE LIST
In our PRICE LIST the products  are displayed like in a catalog. It is easy to find the real sense of each item and get a clear understanding of the the whole product range.
Ordering  in our price list is very easy. Just add the items in your shopping cart and fill up your details.
There is no need to register an account and no password to remember.
Once your order is completed, no trace is left in our servers.


Place an order in our CCTVSTORE
In our CCTVSTORE the products  are displayed with typical e-commerce style. This is not helping so much if you still need to understand our product families, but provides a lot of searching options and marketing tools.
To be able to order in our CCTVSTORE, you need to register an account in which all your orders will be stored.

Product availability
Both our Pricelist and cctvstore provide information on product availability.
In our PRICELIST there is an icon next to every item:
= Shipping within 24 hours
= Product is temporary unavailable
Leaving the mouse on the red icon displays the expected nearest delivery date.
Being synchronized every 15 minutes with our main servers,  the CCTVSTORE shows the quantity available in stock for every item.
Please do not forget DSE is not a reseller, but a manufacturer. Therefore you are free to order products that are not ready in stock. New production takes normally not longer than 7/10 days.

Minimum order quantity
Ordering from us there is no MOQ.
You can order exactly  the items you need to complete your system, even if the amount of the invoice is very low.

The order confirmation
After sending the order, wait for the DSE order confirmation.
This will be sent to you by email in a few working hours. 
The order confirmation, in  PDF format, is a proforma invoice which includes all the details of your order, the total amount  to be paid  and the payment instructions. 

How can you pay
While completing your order you can choose among several payment options:

TT in advance 
You can choose to pay by bank transfer before shipment (TT in advance) for any amount of order. No extra charge is applied.
The order confirmation, that you receive right after your order, includes all the banking details.
Your order is dispatched within 24 hours after receiving your payment.

Paypal / Credit Card
You can pay by  the most common credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MAESTRO,  CARTA AURA and PREPAID PAYPAL CARD) or by your PAYPAL account. 
If you order in the PRICELIST, we will send you the link to complete your payment with the proforma invoice.
If you order in the CCTVSTORE, you can pay online right after the order is completed.
If you pay by credit card or Paypal your order is dispatched right away within 24 hours, because we get a real time notice of your payment.
A small extra cost due to the circuit commission is charged if you pay this way (2% of total amount)

When you receive your order
Once we receive your payment, your order is dispatched within 24 hours.
Shipment are carried out by TNT or DHL  and the goods is delivered within 2/3 days in most Countries.

How much you pay for delivery
The order confirmation we send you by email, includes transport charge. The amount you pay for delivery is calculated on the base of your Country and the weight of shipment. 
The following table shows the current delivery charges on export orders.

Area 5
10 Kg 20 Kg 30 Kg 40 Kg 50 Kg 75 Kg 100 Kg +10 Kg
?? 15€ 17€ 22€ 29€ 36€ 41€ 50€ 62€ 4.29€
?? 16 19 25€ 32€ 37€ 42€ 55€ 68€ 4.50€
3  ?? 16 20 26 33€ 44€ 49 62€ 79€ 5.60€
4  ?? 18€ 23€ 29€ 37 49 53€ 68 86 6.33
5  ?? 27 37 46 56 94 100€ 119€ 161€ 14.66
6  ?? 30€ 50 73 108€ 129€ 197€ 220 276 27,91
7  ?? 31€ 54€ 83€ 124€ 169€ 217 301 386 46.35
8  ?? 31€ 57€ 94 139€ 209 236 312 426 37.92
9  ?? 55€ 78€ 126€ 204 298 388 547 705 40.46

Protecting your privacy
A few additional services are available to protect your privacy. You can choose blank packing if you do not like our brand on boxes. You can also ask that invoice and shipping documents do not include detailed product description.

VAT (Value Added Tax)
The standard VAT rate in Italy is currently 22%.
In the export sales, the VAT is generally not charged, except for private orders within the European Community.
Within European Community - 22% VAT will be charged on the invoice for all orders delivered to private people. VAT will not be applied on orders from companies that indicate a valid European VAT number.
Outside European Community - The VAT is not charged on the invoice, both for private and company orders. TNT will ask you to pay the VAT according to your County rates when delivering the products to you.

Custom duties
Depending on your Country, you may be required to pay some custom duties when receiving the goods.
Within European Community - Within the EU Common Market custom duties do not exist anymore. You will not be asked to pay anything besides the DSE invoice.
Outside European Community - Outside the EU, some Countries may charge custom duty on CCTV equipment. The amount of the duty is a percentage of the whole invoice value which can vary according to the Country.
You pay the custom duties to the forwarder together with the VAT  charge.

Shipment advice
Immediately after your goods has been picked up by forwarder, you will receive all shipping information by email, including the  Tracking Number. You can use that number to check your shipment status at any time in the  tracking page of our website. The shipping confirmation include a high resolution picture of your shipment.

Customer care and product guarantee
We, at DSE, are very concerned about customer satisfaction. Should anything go wrong during your order, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.
See also our warranty page

Dealers and Installers
Installers and retailers can order after registering