Digital video recorders with monitor for vehicles

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Digital video recorder with 4 video inputs and 9" LCD monitor for vehicles

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4 channels DVR with 9" monitor
 for vehicles

car DVR

H.264 compression
4 video inputs + 4 audio
Registrazione su Sd card
Monitor 9" LCD
Motion detection
USB port for back up
IR remote control

Auxiliary video output



camera for vehicles car camera van camper cameras


DVR for vehicles
On the side of the DVR:
Status LED, Slot for SD card, USB port, Video output for auxiliary monitors.
Adjustable bracket suitable for any dashboard.

IR remote control

 car camera
Vehicle cameras
DSE product range includes several vehicle cameras ideal to be used with monitor and DVR


ML-9QD is a videorecorder with built-in LCD monitor developed for vehicles like cars, van, trucks, buses.
This DVR can also be used successfully in any application which requires a
small size, easy to use DVR with built-in monitor like shops, flats etc.

 Why using a DVR on vehicles ?

The large size LCD monitors provides perfect visibility without blind areas in any direction. The rear camera can be automatically displaied full screen when using the backward gear.
ML-9QD records continuously providing clear evidence of what happened in case of an accident.
The DVR can record 24 hours a day, even when the vehicles is parked and the LCD is turned off.
All what happen around the vehicle is recorded and stored for security purposes.


H.264 compression format
ML-9QD video recorders are based on H.264 compression format, which is today the most efficient algorithm available for surveillance recording. Compared with traditional MJPEG and MPEG4 technologies, with the H.264 compression the video files are smaller and the storing capacity of the DVR is much larger.

Recording on SD card
In order to provide the maximum immunity against shocks and vibrations
these DVR's do not come with HDD but record on removable SD cards (Any capacity - Min. 4 GB). The SD card is not included in the package.
Recording on a removable memory is very convenient because the whole database can be removed in a matter of seconds replacing the SD card with a new one.
ML-9QD can be set to record continuously by overwriting old video files once the capacity of the memory card is exhausted. As a reference over 30 hours continuous recording of 4 cameras can be stored on a 32GB Sd card.

Built-in 9" LCD monitor
ML-9QD comes with a built-in 9" monitor. You can display all 4 cameras in a quad view or a single one full screen. To control the DVR you can use the front keypad or the IR remote control included in the package. LCD monitor can be switched off while the DVR is still recording.

4 video + 4 audio inputs
ML-9QD manages up to 4 cameras and 4 audio inputs. The DVR can be set to automatically switch on at the engine start up and the rear camera can be automatically switched full screen when the backward gear is in use.
This DVR also includes 4 12VDC outputs to provide power to 4 cameras.

High resolution
ML-9QD video recorders capture high resolution, D1 videos (704x576 pixels), ensuring clear full screen images. The frame rate is 25 f/sec..

Easy back-up by USB port
The video files stored in the SD card can be managed using a convenient date and time search program and displaied on the built-in monitor. On the side of the DVR there is a USB port where you can insert a pen drive and easily export video files.
Please note that the video files cannot be played on a PC reading directly from the SD card. You need to export the files to make them suitable for PC playing.

Adjustable bracket
ML-9QD video recorders come with a swivel mounting bracket. The base of the bracket is made of several adjustable elements that make it suitable to both flat and irregular surfaces. Fixing can be done by screws or by the sticker included.

Advanced features
In spite of the compact size these DVR's includes several security features typically available in bigger stand-alone DVR's.  Motion detection recording  is available and the the DVR can be set to start-up and turn off automatically on a time basis.
Access to the menu is password protected.  

 The connections

4 VIDEO INPUT – RCA camera inputs can be directly connected to the device, without using quad-splitters or multiplexers.
4 AUDIO INPUT – To connect camera audio output or microphones
RCA video output  to connect to further CCTV monitor or TV equipment.
4 12VDC OUTPUT – To power up the cameras

To be connect to the car control panel if required.
Built-in loudspeakers for playing audio as well as warning signals.
USB PORT to connect USB pen drive for video back-up. 
SLOT FOR SD CARD for removable memory card (not included)
12VDC POWER SUPPLY - The DVR is usually powered by the battery of the vehicle.

 The main functions

FULL SCREEN OR QUAD DISPLAY – Single or multi view are selectable by the front keypad or the remote control.
CAMERA TITLE, DATE AND TIME DISPLAYED – Can be programmed for each camera.
SLOW MOTION AND FAST PLAYBACK. Slow motion and Fast forward up to 8X. Video search by time and date.
CONTINUOUS, SCHEDULED RECORDING – You can record at set time/dates or only when triggered by an alarm event generated by the motion detection system. Once the whole capacity of the Hard Disk is used, the DVR can automatically overwrite the oldest files recorded.
MOTION DETECTION – The motion analysis function automatically starts recording when the image changes because an intrusion occurs. A warning sound can be also activated.
EASY BACK-UP – Video files can be saved on USB pen drive in .IFV format.
SCHEDULER – System can be set to turn on and off on a time basis.
USER CONTROL – The control of the DVR is password protected. Several users can be set with individual authority level. 

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