Ready-to-hide cameras with videorecorder - 220V power


Mini-color camera and videorecorder suitable for
220V AC power


32 GB micro SD card

64 GB micro SD card

128 GB micro SD card

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Attention !

Violating people privacy with CCTV cameras can be against the law.
Please check your Country regulation carefully before using our cameras.

DSE is not responsible for product misuse by any customer using CCTV cameras illegally






With radio wireless controller

Full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels 1 mm. lens (invisible) - 60° Recording on SD card up to 128GB 24 hours video storage on 128GB
 Motion detection Built-in microphone Radio control for start-stop recording Recording on mains power 220VAC


1080P 30 f/s resolution
SD card up to 128GB
unlimited working time
up to 24h recording
motion detection
date print (selectable)
radio control

hidden cameras without battery



full hd video demo



This helps you to keep the lens in the right position behind the hiding hole.



DK-CS3W DVR record on SD card that must be purchased separately
(Min. class 10 - up to 128GB)




  Ready-to-hide DVR with camera
  Radio wireless remote control



DK-CS3W ready-to-hide cameras with video-recorder have been developed for long-time covert surveillance. With these cameras you can monitor a room for several days without installing a traditional CCTV system.

DK-CS3W is a tiny printed circuit board  supplied without casing in order to keep its size as small as possible. The board is protected with a PVC film against shocks or accidental contacts. With such a small size, only 65x51x43 mm. , DK-CS3W is easy to hide in any object connected to the 220V mains.
DK-CS3W records video on SD memory card  and is able to provide effective video surveillance without any cables or wires.


Hidden camera with SD card
mini obiettivo telecamera nascostaDK-CS3W is an easy to use investigation product.
you just connect 220V to the 2 terminals on the main board and it is ready to record.
The lens is mounted on a 10 cm flat cable and must be placed behind a hole that allows monitoring in the right direction. For the wide angle pin-hole lens even a tiny hole as little as 1 mm is enough for viewing through.

Built-in microphone
These cameras includes a high sensitivity microphone which can hear any noise in the environment.
The microphone is built-in the main board.
In order to use audio, the hiding surface must be thin enough not cause sound insulation.

1080P video resolution
ip network cameras full hd 1080pThe video resolution recorded by these cameras is Full HD 1080P (1920x1080) @ 30 frames/sec., same as our best professional CCTV cameras.
Please download our demo clip with normal light condition and in low light environment to check the high video and audio quality.

SD card recording and playing
DK-CS3W is a tiny, sophisticated digital video recorder which store recorded videos on removable  micro SD cards (not included)).
The device is suitable for any brand of SD card up to 128GB with minimum 10 MB/s speed (Class 10).
Once recording is completed, the SD card must be removed and  inserted in an SD card reader (not included). Video files can be uploaded to the PC and played using any player like VLC or Windows Media Player.
Date/Time is automatically recorded with the movie and can be displayed or not according to the programming.

Continuous/Motion detection recording
These cameras can record continuously, but more often record on a motion detection basis.
The motion detection feature allows these devices to record only in the event of intrusion.
In motion detection mode, DK-CS3W cameras can monitor a room for several days.

Up to 24 hours video storage
DK-CS3W records high resolution video files, taking nearly 6GB for 1 hour recording. 32GB SD cards can store around 5 hours continuous recording.
This product accept SD cards up to 128GB  in order to store up to 24 hours video files. Recording in motion detection, DK-CS3W can monitor a room for several days.
Once the memory is full, the device can go on recording by overwriting old video files.

Wireless remote control
DK-CS3W is supplied with radio remote control to start and stop recording. The suitable transmission range is about 10 m. even in presence of walls or obstacles.
Once plugged into the mains socket the camera stays inactive, waiting for user commands.
This radio control comes with 4 buttons with the following functions:
A - On/off
B - Motion recording
C - Continuous recording
D - Snapshot

hidden camera remote control
Radio remote control


Lens magnetic mounting kit
A magnetic mounting kit is available to help you keeping the lens in the right position behind the hiding hole.
It consists of a special magnetic sticker that you can cut in the most suitable shape and stick to the lens cable.
If the lens is hidden behind a metal surface, the magnetic band will be attracted, thus keeping the lens in the right place.
To use the kit on non-metal covers, a second sticker, made of metal, is included, to be placed right below the lens hole as in the example below.

This kit includes 2 10 cm. bands (magnet and metal). Both have sticker on the back and can be cut by normal scissors.


Junction boxes
All kind of junction boxes are very good enclosures where  hiding DK-CS3  and getting the necessary 220V power. Also any electrical devices hanged to the walls, like air conditioning, fan systems or light spots can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
microtelecamera in cassetta nascosta stagna
Flush mounting boxes
All electrical boxes are perfect to contain DK-CS3. The tiny camera body can easily film through one of the fixing holes of the cover.
telecamera nascosta in cassetta derivazione
Electrical appliances
Any device connected to the mains can easily hide the DK-CS3 inside. Desktop computers, with a lot of empty room inside and many holes on the case are ideal for the  scope.
telecamera nascosta in PC
Games and vending machines
With DK-CS3 is easy to install an effective surveillance system in automatic distributors, video poker, slot machines and other similar equipment.
This can be a great added value for those who manage this kind of business as well as for the companies who rent these devices to 3rd parties.
telecamera in distributore slot machine