Pan Tilt units for CCTV 


Control unit for zoom lenses with 3 motors and pan and tilt (PTZ)

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Technical data for control unit



 Indoor motorized pan/tilt unit

Electromechanical pan tilt heads have been discontinued. If you are looking for a motorized camera please have a look at our speed dome and mini speed dome cameras.

 Control unit for zoom lenses and PTZ units

This control panel is used to operate  3 motor zoom lenses such as RE-636Z and RE-660Z and the pan and tilts RE-BR1.
To control the motorized lens 6 wires are required (2xZoom + 2xDiaphragm(IRIS) + 2xFocus). The pan and tilt requires a further 6 (up, down, right, left, pan, common 220v). On the back of the control unit there is a 6 pole connector for the pan and tilt and a 6 position terminal board for the motorized lens.

On the front of the control unit there are 3 controls for zoom, diaphragm and focus, and a joy stick to move the pan and tilt in all directions. The control unit can be used to control the lens or pan and tilt separately.