Onvif external IP camera

Waterproof casing for outdoor use Pan Tilt Zoom motorized camera 12°/sec rotation speed 80 m. SmartIR infrared illuminator 10x zoom lens Motorized zoom lens Autofocus lens Infrared Cut-Filter removable H264 and H265 video compression


Onvif external IP camera

Waterproof casing for outdoor use Pan Tilt Zoom motorized camera 200°/sec rotation speed 120 m. SmartIR infrared illuminator 18x zoom lens Motorized zoom lens Autofocus lens Infrared Cut-Filter removable H264 and H265 video compression


Motorized IP cameras over network

The cameras in this range are network digital cameras, also called IP cameras. With these cameras you can create a fully digital video surveillance system over a LAN. Each camera has a network port and is identified by an IP address, just like computers or other network devices. You can monitor your cameras with your PC or you can purchase a network video recorder (NVR) to efficiently manage many cameras. These cameras are motorized and you can control rotation and zoom via PC, NVR or APP.

Switch to digital CCTV, discover the benefits of IP PTZ cameras

Compared to the traditional analog technology (nowadays AHD), IP technology offers many advantages and is therefore increasingly used in CCTV systems of any size. The main advantage of IP cameras lies in the network cabling, that can be branched off with switches, and allows you to connect many cameras with just one cable . In addition, PTZ IP cameras do not require control cables because they are managed via network protocol. Unlike analog cameras, IP cameras produce a digital video stream that is ready to be stored. For this reason NVR video recorders are efficient and inexpensive even when they have to manage high resolution cameras over 2MP. See below an example of a small IP CCTV system.

RJ SERIES naked PTZ cameras without POE: what does it mean?

We call these RJ Series IP cameras: "Naked" cameras. In our product range this term identifies cameras for residential systems, designed to provide high quality video and reliability in a compact and essential hardware with competitive price. Our naked cameras are powerful, but without those expensive advanced features, which are rarely used. These naked IP PTZ cameras are supplied without APP and cloud service as they are designed to be used with NVRs. These PTZ cameras without POE are the best choice if you are looking for an unbeatable quality/price ratio. They guarantee the HIGHEST VIDEO QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICE.

Naked IP cameras for NVR


High resolution video 2 to 5 Megapixel

The motorized IP cameras of this RJ series guarantee you the best video in relation to your budget. You can choose between 2MP and 5MP resolution. The 2MP resolution, also called 1080P or Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), is the current standard of a high resolution digital TV and meets the needs of most security systems. If you can afford a slightly higher budget, have a look at our4-5MP cameras which provide more details while zooming-in. When designing your system you can mix cameras with different resolutions based on the importance of the monitored area. Here, on the side, you can download short demo clips in the most common resolutions.

Member of ONVIF

You can buy your IP products from us with confidence. DSE is one of the few companies in Italy to be a member of the ONVIF international association, which includes all the main IP security manufacturers and promote standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based security products. All products in this range are supporting Onvif and RTSP protocols. You can match our products with any other device sharing these standards.

H264 H265video compression

The cameras in this range support H264 H265 video compression, including the latest upgrades, in order to combine high quality video stream and low bandwidth consumption. These cameras can manage 2 VIDEO STREAMING with different compression and resolution, that you can choose from the client device. The frame rate is also adjustable up to 30 frames / second (real-time). Choose the well-established H264 format for maximum compatibility with all NVRs, or use the latest H265 to increase the video storage capacity. Here on the side you can download two similar clips in H264 and H265 format: please note the different file size.

12VDC power supply

All cameras in this motorized range are powered at 12VDC and come with a power jack to connect a 12VDC power adapter . We recommend minimum 2A power supply unit. In the picture you can see the connection cable coming out of the camera, with the RJ45 network plug and the 12V power connector. Please note that these motorized cameras DO NOT support POE power supply. If you are looking for PTZ cameras to be powered over UTP cable, take a look at our POE speed dome cameras

SMART IR infrared illuminator with ICR

To be able to shoot even in total absence of light these PTZ cameras are equipped with infrared LEDs that provide invisible long range night lighting up to 60, 80 or 120 meters . Thanks to the Smart IR technology, the LED power adapts to the distance of the subject avoiding overexposure in close-ups. Depending on the models, the cameras in this range are fitted with high performance Superflux LEDs that provide a high illuminating power while maintaining a relatively low power consumption. The LEDs turn on automatically below 10 lux. In night mode the camera records in Black White thanks to a mechanical removal mechanism of the IR filter (ICR). If you want, you can set the camera to work only in color mode, excluding the infrared night function.

Mirror, WDR, BLC, DNR, Antifog

These IP speed dome and mini/micro speed dome cameras come with a full pack of advanced features. A user friendly On Screen Display, allows you to set the options so as to adapt the camera to your needs. You can adjust the image and rotate it, with the MIRROR functions, in order to suit the area to be monitored. The WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE (WDR) function is useful if you shoot bright areas together with darker areas. With the BLC you can enhance dark subject on a bright background. The ANTIFOG, HLC and DIGITAL NOISE REDUCTION functions allow you to improve shooting in difficult conditions with poor visibility.

Motion detection, Privacy masks Antimasking

All cameras in this range can generate alarms and perform actions such as sending emails or uploading files via FTP. With the MOTION DETECTION you can detect intrusions in the camera's field of view. With the TAMPER DETECTION you can detect attempts of sabotage. You can enable or disable these features based on a week scheduler. The PRIVACY masks are used to obscure parts of the video in order to respect other people privacy. In the bullet versions the privacy masks follow automatically according to the camera position.

Sending time-lapse pictures

Speed dome and mini speed dome cameras include a feature that is not typical of video surveillance and therefore is not easily found in other IP cameras. These cameras can be set to send a few pictures via FTP or email on a time-lapse basis. This is a very convenient feature to update the contents of a webcam on an web site . It is also useful if you want to record very long events, such as constructing a building, by storing just a few frames every now and then. You can set the shooting interval as you like (time-lapse).

Time lapse photo


Motorized 10x to 18x zoom

These IP PTZ cameras come with a motorized zoom lens that you can control remotely. You can find in this range 3 types of zoom with 3x, 18x and 30x optical magnification. The zoom lens is equipped with autofocus to automatically focus on subjects at any distance. Be very careful if you compare our speed dome cameras with others on the market because it is unfortunately very common that low-profile dealers shows false zoom values in the OSD.


IP67 protection and Black Glass

All RJ cameras are waterproof, with IP67 rating. You can install these camera indoor or outdoor, under the rain. We do not use cheap plastic enclosures for our RJ cameras, but only robust die-cast, fire painted, aluminum casing. That's why you can use these cameras anywhere, without worrying about extreme temperature or corrosion. All the cameras in this range come with Black Glass front covers which increase the efficiency of LEDs (about 8% more than normal glass) and reduce the attraction of insects at night.

Pan Tilt rotation up to 200 °/sec

The cameras in this range are all motorized and remote controllable. They can rotate horizontally at 360° (PAN) and vertically at 180° (TILT). During tilt moving, they are equipped with AUTOFLIP to provide straight video even over 90° of rotation, beyond the vertical axis. The all-metal rotor mechanism ensures high precision in positioning. The high speed dome models can rotate very fast from one point to another at 200°/sec. The mini speed dome and PTZ models rotate at a slower speed: 60 and 12° /sec.

256 preset, 8 cruise, 4 patterns

All our speed dome cameras in this range can perform automatic moves. You can set 256 PRESET to quickly call specific positions, 8 CRUISE to monitor a sequence of several presets, and 4 PATTERNS to record custom motion and zoom sessions. With the SCAN function you can monitor large areas by keeping the camera in constant rotation. You can automatically perform these preset functions on a time basis (8 daily timers). You can also set a home automatic action, also called IDLE, that the camera performs automatically in the absence of operator commands.

Mounting accessories

These PTZ cameras are supplied with a wall mount bracket . There are also several mounting accessories that you can buy separately. The ceiling mount bracket must be purchased if you wish to hang the camera. The pole collar, with steel clamps and the corner mounting base are available for big speed dome only nut can be easily adapted to mini speed dome cameras by drilling the plate.



Connect via browser

Every computer on the network is a perfect monitor and control station for your PTZ cameras. No software needs to be installed. Just open the Internet Explorer browser and enter the login password to WATCH the live video on the monitor. You can easily CONTROL the camera movement and zoom with the mouse. A programming menu allows you to CONFIGURE all the camera options and automatic features. The cameras in this range also support the RTSP protocol which allows you to watch live video even with common players such as VLC.
NOTE: These "NAKED" cameras are supplied without mobile APP and without cloud service for easy web access. Please use the NVR features instead.


Compatible with all NVR

These "Naked" cameras are designed to work with a network video recorder, also known as NVR. You can use any NVR video recorders on the market that support the Onvif protocol. If you are building a new system, we recommend our RK Series NVR for perfect compatibility. Through the NVR you can control all the movements of your motorized cameras either locally, using the mouse, or via WEB, by PC or smartphone.

Windows-based NVR Software

If you want, you can use a computer to monitor and record the IP cameras of this range. You do not have to buy anything: just download the VMS, our free NVR software, which is suitable to all our IP cameras. You can install it on as many computers as you like and use it freely, either as a main NVR or as an additional control station. There is also a specific software, only suitable to speed dome and mini speed dome cameras: it is our free VSC software . In addition to camera control, this software also allows you to configure options and assign the IP address during installation.


PC, NVR or KEYBOARD control

You can control the movements of our motorized IP cameras in many ways. You can connect to the camera with your computer and move the camera with the mouse. You can also control the camera via the NVR, locally with the mouse or via the web with a PC or mobile phone. If you want to create a standalone control point with joystick, you can purchase one of our PTZ IP keyboard . You can use several command units in the same the network, such as a PC, an NVR and a keyboard, using the one which is more conveniently, according to the situation.


Description IP PTZ camera IP PTZ camera
Type Bullet High speed dome
Maximum resolution 4MP 2MP
Optical sensor 1/3" CMOS SONY 1/2.8" CMOS SONY IMX322
Chipset HS Hi3516C HS Hi3516C
Video resolution 2560x1440 @ 25 f/s 1920x1080 @ 25 f/s ... 1280x720 @ 25 f/s
Video compression H264 H265 H264 H265 MJPEG
POE power supply
Local power supply 12VDC 12VDC
Infrared illuminator 80 m. (6LED 42µ 850nm) 120 m. (10LED 42µ 850nm)
Lens zoom 10x 5,1...51 mm. zoom 18x 5...90 mm.
Focus Autofocus Autofocus
Shutter 1/25...1/12000 1/25...1/12000
S/N ratio Over 52dB Over 52dB
Network Port RJ45 10/100 T-Base RJ45 10/100 T-Base
Audio Input
Audio Output
I/O Alarm
SD card
CVBS Output
Rotation speed Max. 12°/sec Max. 200°/sec
Rotation range 250° PAN, 55° TILT 360° PAN, 180° TILT with autoflip
Accuracy in positioning <0,5° <0,5°
Automatic functions 255 preset, 8 cruise, 4 pattern, scan 360°, 8 scan between limits 255 preset, 8 cruise, 4 pattern, scan 360°, scan between limits
Home function
PTZ Timer
Onvif Supported Supported
Browser IE9 or superior IE9 or superior
Multi streaming 2 stream 2 stream
Saving on the web cloud
Mirror Vertical and/or Horizontal Vertical and/or Horizontal
Corridor 90° - 270°
Overlays Date Time Date Time 5 descriptions
Anti fog
Motion detection Adjustable with weekly scheduler Adjustable with weekly scheduler
Privacy mask following PTZ
Anti tampering Adjustable with weekly scheduler Adjustable with weekly scheduler
Alarm actions FTP Email Registration FTP Email Registration
Sending Time-Lapse pictures
Casing Aluminum and polycarbonate Aluminum and polycarbonate
Degree of protection IP67 for outdoor use IP67 for outdoor use
Bracket included Wall Wall
Operating temperature -20°C +60°C RH95% Max -20°C +60°C RH95% Max
Power supply 12VDC +/-10% 12VDC +/-10%
Power consumption Max. 500 mA (1100 mA IR ON) Max. 600 mA (1300 mA IR ON)
Overall dimensions 153 mm (W) 93 mm (D) 130 mm (H) 210 mm.(D) 320 mm (H)
Weight 920 gr. 5 Kg.


What is included?


What is not included?

Micro speed dome cameras are supplied without 12VDC power adapter. You can choose one from our POWER SUPPLY UNITS . The speed dome and mini speed dome cameras already have a wall bracket, but if you need to mount them on a pole, ceiling or corner you have to order separately a BRACKET FOR SPEED DOME

What is the price?

You can find the prices of our products in the Online Price List or in the CCTV STORE, our e-commerce portal.