AHD/Analog PTZ cameras for outdoor mounting

PTZ cameras with remote control by RS485 serial BUS

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outdoor camera, 10x Zoom, 80 m. infrared illuminator.

outdoor camera, 10x Zoom, 80 m. infrared illuminator.
AHD 1080P

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AHD video output provide HD 720P resolution if connected to AHD DVR
All cameras with this logo come with AHD (Analog High Resolution) video output.
An AHD suitable DVR is required to use the AHD output
Some camera is also supporting CVI/TVI, similar to AHD, but used by other manufacturers.


AHD PTZ camera

AHD 1080P 4 in 1 camera 1080P AHD/CVI/TVI + CVBS This camera supports CVBS standard analog
PTZ cameras
10X zoom - 80 m. IR

 4 IN 1 camera: AHD+CVI+TVI @ 1080P + CVBS 1000 TVL 1000 TVL resolution Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting Pan Tilt Zoom camera 80 m infrared illuminator
 10x zoom lens Autofocus Remote zoom control Infrared Cut-Filter Removable

AHD PTZ camera

AHD 1080P
PTZ cameras
AHD 1080P (no CVBS)
10X zoom - 80 m. IR

 AHD video output @ FullHD 1920x1080 pixels resolution Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting Pan Tilt Zoom camera 80 m infrared illuminator
 10x zoom lens Autofocus Remote zoom control Infrared Cut-Filter Removable


technical data


AHD 1080P
10x zoom autofocus
80 m. IR illuminator

0.5..12  °/sec.
Up to 256 preset
Scan, Tour, Pattern

Pelco D/P protocol
IP66 waterproof casing 
Pan 250° Tilt 55°
Surge suppressor




Our PTZ cameras are a new concept of CCTV camera. Similar to fixed cameras in shape and mounting, these camera feature Pan Tilt Zoom remote control, like speed dome cameras.
PTZ cameras are the best choice if you look for a motorized camera at a slightley higher price than a ordinary fixed camera.

Pan Tilt Zoom up to 12° sec.
AHD PTZ cameraThese cameras come with a built-in motor which moves the camera on horizontal (PAN) and vertical (TILT) axis. All operations can be controlled remotly by means of keypads or DVR supporting Pelco P/D protocol.
Unlike speed dome cameras, these PTZ cameras can be wall mounted like normal fixed cameras and support 250° pan and 55° tilt rotation.
Rotation speed is automatically adjusted according to the zoom level up to a maximum of 12°/sec PAN speed and 10°/sec TILT speed.

Zoom lens with autofocus
These cameras come with 5..51 mm. (10x) zoom lens that the operator can control from remote.
Cameras feature a precise autofocus system (can be switch to manual if required) in order to adjust the focus automatically according to the target distance.  Pant/tilt dome speed can be set to change automatically according to the zoom level.

AHD cameras - Analog HD

Analog HD - AHD
AHD technology is the latest development in the analog CCTV industry and is supported by all models in this range.
Launched in May 2014 by Nextchip, worldwide leader in DSP for CCTV cameras, AHD technology brings our PTZ analog cameras up to 1MP (HD720P 1280x720) and 2MP (FULL HD 1080P 1920x1080).
Before AHD, megapixel resolution was only possible using digital cameras.
Connected to latest generation AHD DVR, these cameras provide megapixel resolution, with no latency, still being low cost and easy to install as standard analog cameras.
Like any analog cameras, AHD cameras can be wired by normal coaxial or twisted pair cables up to several hundreds meters.
Our range of AHD cameras includes cameras from 1 to 4 megapixel.

4 in 1 cameras
Besides AHD, there are other high definition analog standards available on the market. The most popular are TVI and CVI.
In order to provide the maximum compatibility with all DVR, most of these cameras are able to support different standards.
So called, 4 in 1 cameras, support all high definition formats: AHD, CVI, TVI as well as traditional CVBS video. These cameras are virtually compatible to every DVR you may have.
You can easily change the video format of your camera just sending proper commands via RS485.

Suitable for CVBS traditional analog systems
A few cameras in this range, excep are able to produce a composite video output (CVBS) suitable to any old D1/960H DVR or TV set.
In CVBS mode, our AHD cameras provide lower resolution, but still comparable to the best 1000 TVL analog cameras.

Image sensors
Sony exmor cmos
One of the most critical factors which is making the difference among the cameras is the image sensor.
DSE chose 2 MP SONY EXMOR CMOS sensors for these AHD cameras.

IR illuminator with ICR
Cameras come with 4 maxi IR LED's at 850 nm. which allows 80 m. illumination range.
The IR illuminator switch on automatically at night at allows the camera to monitor even in darkness.
All cameras include the day & night feature so they provide color video during the day and B/W view at night. The IR illumination power, as well as the activation threshold, can be adjusted by user.
The day & night feature is made by Infrared Cut-Filter Removable (ICR) which provides better low light sensitivity and superior color rendering than other cheaper technologies.

Double Black Glass
All DSE IR cameras includes double-glass technology. The front glass consists of 2 separate glasses with a splitting ring. The advantage of this solution, much more expansive than traditional rings, is too avoid any possible refraction of the LED's when operating in night mode. Many cameras in this range come with the new stylish black-glass which increase by 8% the LED efficiency  at night while reducing considerably the attraction of night insects.

Remote control by keypad, DVR, PC or mobile phones
Like speed dome cameras, PTZ cameras are wired like normal analog cameras, but require an additional twisted pair for remote control (RS485).  This twisted pair connects PTZ cameras to their control units (keypads or DVR). Through DVR, these cameras can be fully managed by remote computers, mobile phones and tablets.

These cameras can store predefined positions, generally called PRESET, each of them identified by specific XY coordinates, zoom level and focus adjustment.
Preset can be called by keyboard just by entering the ID number. It is also possible to configure an automatic TOUR (also called CRUISE or PATROL) among several preset.
Cameras can store up to 256 PRESET and 1 TOUR

Panoramic SCAN
PTZ cameras can monitor large areas by turning continuously between 2 predefined limits, in order to provide a panoramic view. Left and right limits can be easily set by user.

PATTERN recording
DSE PTZ cameras can record any custom-made sequence that can be re-called by keyboard and executed automatically. This function is generally known like PATTERN recording.
Cameras can store one custom PATTERN whcih includes Pan Tilt moves and camera adjustment (zoom/focus).

HOME position automatic re-call
User can set, for each PTZ cameras, a main automatic function (preset, scan, tour, pattern) called HOME function. Cameras automatically  start the home function if the operator send no commands for a certain period of time.

Waterproof housing
These cameras come with an IP66 waterproof casing that can be installed outdoor and is not effected by corrosion, even in salty environment.
The wall mounting bracket is included in the package.
These PTZ cameras are not suitable for ceiling mount.

Built-in surge suppressor
All cameras installed outdoor, especially those where cables run underground or on poles, can be damaged by spikes. These cameras include surge suppressors which protect the units against this kind of spikes up to 3KV.

DSP with OSD supporting UTC remote control
The video processing of all cameras in this range is controlled by a DSP microprocessor.
All cameras come with On-Screen-Display (OSD) which allow the user to set several camera options.

Setting the OSD options, the camera can be configured to perfectly suit any environmental conditions.
Following main features are available to be set:
VIDEO ADJUSTMENT - Lens type, electronic shutter, AWB, AGC, brightness, contrast etc. can be adjusted according to the environment.
SENS-UP / DSS - Useful functions for low-lux surveillance of dark areas
PRIVACY MASKS - Up to 4 masking areas can be set in order to mask surveillance spots and protect people's privacy.
MIRROR - Image can be reversed in case of backward or up side down views.
CAMERA NAME - Camera name can be edit and display on the video
NOISE REDUCTION - Digital video noise reduction for low-light or poor video signals (2DNR / 3DNR)
HSBLC - Feature for masking unwanted strong light sources like vehicle headlights
BLC DWDR - Compensation of areas with different light level, like rooms with windows
IR THRESHOLD - IR threshold and Day and Night switching can be adjusted.

All features in the On Screen Display (OSD) can be scrolled using the RS485 control units. SD-E4HDU cameras also support UTC remote control.

consolle per speed domePTZ Control
All PTZ cameras in the SD range can be controlled using dedicated keyboards with joystick which are very convenient to use.
Alternatively they can be controlled using DSE DVR.
DVR's efficiently replace the control keyboard and enable remote control by PC or even by mobile phones.
DSE PTZ and speed domes commands are based on the very common PELCO P/D protocol and can therefore be controlled with other equipment from other manufacturers.

Due to the protection rating, all waterproof cameras  come without microphone for audio. Should you need audio function, you can install and waterproof cameras  come without microphone for audio. Should you need audio function, you can install and external microphone .

Installation and wiring
These camera are designed to be wall mounted by means of a bracket which is included.
Like speed dome cameras, PTZ cameras require 3 kinds of cabling: video, power supply and RS485 control BUS.
VIDEO - AHD cameras must be  connected to AHD DVR
by means of 75 ohm coaxial cable such as CV-RG59  Alternatively, video can be transferred over a twisted pair by converting the signal with video balun.
POWER SUPPLY - The camera takes a 12 VDC power supply. To convert 220V mains power into 12 V DC, a min. 3000 mA 220VAC/12VDC adaptor such as RE-AL5 is required. In case you prefer to power the cameras from a single power point you can use a cabinet power supply unit like RE-AL15.
RS-485 - PTZ cameras are controlled by means of a twisted pair cable (RS485 BUS) that connects all cameras in series and can be up to 1200 m. long. Each camera has its own ID code, so can be controlled independently. Up to 256 camera can be connected on one bus and controlled from remote using control keyboards or DVR.

The classic LAN network cable CV-CAT5E is very convenient for wiring PTZ cameras. It includes 4 twisted pairs to carry video (with balun) + power + RS485 on a single cable.
In case you cannot use hardwire cabling you can consider our RE-DTX3 digital transmitter which can send video (CVBS only) and RS485 controls without wires. 
For those with less experience, or needing to refresh their knowledge, the tutorial section contains a number of lessons explaining how to wire and install a hard-wired CCTV system correctly.

Product includes:
  Waterproof camera with lens
  Mounting bracket for wall mount
  DC+Video+RS485 cable (50 cm.)

NOTE: Waterproof hard-wired cameras come without 12VDC power adaptor which must be ordered separately.