Onvif WIFI hidden cameras without Ethernet port


Wall clock Wi-Fi IP hidden camera with SD card.
Supporting Onvif


32 GB micro SD card

64 GB micro SD card

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Attention !

Violating people privacy with CCTV cameras can be against the law.
Please check your Country regulation carefully before using our cameras.

DSE is not responsible for product misuse by any customer using CCTV cameras illegally







With SD  and APP for mobile phones

HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 1 mm. lens (invisible) - 60° Recording on SD card up to 64GB 640 hours video storage on 64GB Motion detection
 Built-in microphone Wi-Fi control with mobile APP WEB access with free P2P cloud server


720P resolution
SD card recording
640 h recording
motion detection
date print (selectable)
P2P cloud server
software for PC/MAC


Free APP for Android iOS with P2P cloud server for easy web control

Find DSE Simpli.Fi on Google Play



Free software for PC/MAC




Our IP hidden cameras are designed for any network-based CCTV systems. Hidden in common objects, to fit easily in any environment, our hidden IP cameras come with wi-fi for convenient wire-free installation.
These cameras, without Ethernet port, are suitable for 100% cover surveillance.

Built-in Wi-Fi
These hidden cameras come with built-in wi-fi. Wi-Fi is very useful for hidden cameras because without wires it is much easier to reach the the best place for monitoring.
Unlike other wi-fi cameras in our range, these hidden cameras do not includes Ethernet port in order not to arise suspicion.
You can easily connect these cameras to your wifi network using your smartphone with our DSE Simpli.Fi app.

ONVIF protocol
onvif members ITALY IP camerasLike all DSE IP cameras, these wi-fi cameras  communicate using the ONVIF protocol.
ONVIF is a very important international standard in the IP video industry, resulting from the cooperation among the most important manufacturers. Using this protocol, DSE cameras can be connected to any IP surveillance software or NVR which comply to the ONVIF standard.
DSE is one of the very few Italian companies being member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST). Only ONVIF members have the tools to test the full product compliance to the most updated ONVIF standards.  Please bear this in mind when you are choosing your IP surveillance provider.

NVR compatible
nvr con mouseThese cameras are easy to connect to our DN range NVR as well as to any IP video recorder supporting the Onvif protocol.
In spite of wireless, these cameras are reliable and can be used with confidence together to other IP cameras of our range. In case of power failure, they are designed to reconnect automatically.
Our NVR include functions to inhibit hidden cameras to be displayed in order to avoid unauthorized acess.

Wall clock hidden camera
This range of hidden cameras is based on a very common object that, by its own nature, is placed in a perfect place for monitoring: a wall clock.
The clock we use for this product is an elegant piece of furniture, with satin steel frame, that fits any domestic or business environment without arousing any suspicion. The clock is fully working with a simple AA battery (not included).
A high resolution camera is hidden inside the clock.
The camera lens is placed on the front of the clock with a 15° angle downwards in order to get the full view of an average room with the clock hanged to a height of around 2 meters.
This camera can monitor even in low light, till light is enough for human eyes view.

12VDC power
The only wired connection required by these cameras  is power.
These cameras take 12VDC power and the 220V power adaptor is included.

Built-in microphone
These cameras includes a high sensitivity microphone which can hear any noise in the environment (even a whisper can be heard in a 15 sqm. room.)

SD card recording
Clock cameraRN-WP2WF can be linked to any NVR for video recording but is also capable to record on its own internal SD card memory
Inside the clock there is a tiny, sophisticated digital video recorder which store recorded videos on removable  micro SD cards (not included)).
RN-WP2WF takes very little memory space: just 100MB for 1 hour recording.
The device is suitable for any brand of SD card with minimum 10 MB/s speed (Class 10). The maximum suitable capacity  is 64GB, allowing over 640 hour recording.
When used in motion detection, these cameras can monitor a room for several days just recording significant images.
Once recording is completed, the SD card must be removed and connected to a personal computer with an SD card reader (not included). Video files can be then downloaded and played by PC.

Continuous/Motion detection recording
These cameras can record continuously, but more often record on a motion detection basis.
The motion detection feature allows these devices to record only in the event of intrusion.
In motion detection mode, these cameras can monitor a room for several days.

Date/Time overprint
Date/Time is automatically recorded with the movie and can be displayed on the video. In case this is not good for your application date/time overprint can be inhibited in the configuration.

Smartphone APP
RN-WP2WF can be controlled by mobile phone or tablets via Wi-Fi.
Our APP, DSE Simpli.Fi is free to download for iOS and Android.
Once plugged into the mains socket, RN-WP2WF behaves like a Wi-Fi access point. You can find it among the available Wi-Fi networks,  in the Wi-Fi setting of your mobile device.
You can connect to RN-WP2WF like you do with any normal Wi-Fi network.
Using our mobile APP, RN-WP2WF can be switched to Wi-Fi client mode and connect to your existing Wi-Fi.
Our easy to use APP allows to set the recording mode and watch live video.
You can even listen-in through the built-in microphone.

Find DSE Simpli.Fi
on Google Play

P2P cloud server
Like our best surveillance DVR, RN-WP2WF comes with free Peer-To-Peer cloud service. You can enjoy live view over the Internet with your smartphone, just entering your ID and your password.
There is no need of static IP address or router port forwarding because our P2P server does the job for you. Just install the APP and  watch your camera on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

PUSH notification
In case of intrusion alarm, a real time push notification can be sent to your mobile phone

PC/MAC software
DN-WP2WF  comes with a free software package for live view and playback. It works on internal LAN and even over the web with full support of our P2P cloud server.


APP for hidden camera
Wi-Fi remote control

Free P2P server for easy connection over the Internet

Real time alarm push notification on mobile phone