Analogue/AHD/CVI/TVI video distributors  


Distributor and amplifier for analog video signal CVBS, AHD, TVI, CVI 1 input - 4 outputs

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DSE video distributors can be used for ordinary CVBS analog video as well as for AHD/TVI/CVI high resolution video.



1 BNC input + 4 BNC output


1 input /4 output BNC
supporting AHD CVI TVI
supporting CVBS
with signal amplifier
with surge suppressors


technical info



Analog video signal cannot be split in 2 directions just using T BNC connectors. T-splitter BNC connectors cause a huge attenuation of the original signal, that is not suitable to CCTV systems. 
Our RE-DV4 video distributor is designed to solve this problem, splitting the input signal in 4 outputs without affecting video quality and signal power.
This device is designed to generate 4 identical video output from a single video input cable. It is ideal when the same video signal must reach several monitors or video recorders.
RE-DV4 also acts as an amplifier, restoring 1V peak-to-peak signal power on all video outputs even if the incoming signal is weak. In addition, it includes 2KV surge suppressors.
RE-DV4 works for both CVBS and AHD, TVI, CVI analog video.
12VDC power adaptor is included in the package.
In view of its size (only 120x30x65 mm), RE-DV4 is ideal for use in junction boxes.