Network IP mini/hidden cameras


Full HD 1080P
IP mini-camera
with minilens

HD 720P
IP mini-camera
with pin-hole lens

HD 720P
IP mini-camera

in smoke detector

HD 720P
IP mini-camera

in PIR detector

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 Mini IP camera
2MP 1080P
3.6 mm. mini-lens

  Full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels 3.6 mm. fixed lens



 Mini IP camera
1.3MP 720P/960P
3.6 mm. pin-hole lens

  HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens



 Mini IP camera
1.3MP 720P/960P
in smoke detector

  HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens



 Mini IP camera
1.3MP 720P/960P
in PIR detector

  HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens


Easy connection by Internet browser. Live View and Setting via IE


IP configuration
software tool included


"Naked" IP cameras are designed to connect to NVR like our DN range. They are also suitable to NVR or IP software of other vendors which support the onvif standard.


  IP camera with lens
  Mounting bracket
  IP configuration software


datasheet ip camera megapixel

technical data


Our NAKED IP cameras are the best choice for IP CCTV systems with Network Video Recorders (NVR). This mini cameras are ideal if you look for miniature or hidden IP cameras.

"Naked IP camera". What does it mean?
DSE Naked IP cameras are developed to provide the maximum quality/price ratio for IP CCTV systems controlled by NVR. All hardware and software resources of these cameras are just focused to send a high quality video streaming to the NVR.
Unlike our RH range IP cameras, which come with a full pack of built-in features, these cameras cannot record video on external NAS and do not include IP recording software. Besides they do not control audio and built-in I/O.
Except for these limitations, Naked cameras provide the same video quality and performance of our more expansive range.
In IP CCTV, the use of NVR is now very popular because they make the  installation much easier although being powerful and inexpensive. NVR users do not require a lot of features built-in the camera, because they mainly use the NVR to control their system.
If this is your case, this range of NAKED camera is the best choice for you, providing the highest video quality at the minimum price.

CCTV on IP network
IP cameras connect to an IP network that can be made on purpose or already existent. They include an Ethernet port that can be plugged straight to the switch.
NVR, connected to the same network, are used for video recording. 
tutorial telecamere ip megapixel di reteIf you need more basic information on how an IP surveillance system actually works, please click the icon on the right and watch our video tutorial which helps to understand how a CCTV system can be based over an IP network. (only Italian version available so far)

The smallest IP cameras
These miniature cameras are the smallest IP cameras in our product range. The camera body is only 40x40x20 mm. not much bigger than our analog mini cameras. In spite of small size, the camera body is made of die-casted aluminum with mounting bracket.

Mini-lens and pin-hole lens
These mini cameras are available in 2 versions: with minilens or pin-hole lens, both with 3.6 mm. focal length fro wide angle view.
Mini-lens is preferable for video quality. Pin-hole lens is suitable for hidden cameras.

1080P and 720P/960P video resolution
RP range IP cameras provide 2MP Full HD 1080P  (1920x1080 pixel) or 1.3 MP (720P 1280x720 or 960P 1280x960) video resolution, according to version.

ONVIF protocol
onvif members ITALY IP camerasAll DSE IP cameras communicate using the ONVIF protocol.
ONVIF is a very important international standard in the IP video industry, resulting from the cooperation among the most important manufacturers. Using this protocol, DSE cameras can be connected to any IP surveillance software or NVR which comply to the ONVIF standard.
DSE is one of the very few Italian companies being member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST). Only ONVIF members have the tools to test the full product compliance to the most updated ONVIF standards.  Please bear this in mind when you are choosing your IP surveillance provider.

16:9 video format
CCTV 16:9 full screen full hdIn the PC industry as well as in the TV field, 16:9 video format is the digital standard of most modern LCD WIDE SCREEN monitors.
The 16:9 resolution of our 2MP (1920x1080) and 1 MP (1280x720) cameras suits exactly the native resolution of the monitor avoiding quality loss due to picture resizing.
An RP camera can be switched to full screen with a simple click of the mouse enjoying superb video quality of any small detail.

12VDC power supply
connessioni telecamere ip
Mini IP cameras cannot support PoE because the circuit cannot fit in the small size case.
All these cameras can be powered by a 12VDC adaptor like our RE-AL-- range (not included).
Connection terminals of "NAKED" cameras are limited to the minimum: just RJ45 network plug and 12VDC plug
IF you want to use POE with this cameras, consider to buy one of our POE splitters.

These cameras do not include audio. If you are looking for a mini IP camera with audio take a look at our wifi mini cameras.

Easy monitoring via browser
To view your cameras over the network or the Internet you do not need anything else than a computer and a web browser. The web interface is supporting IE allowing live view and camera setting.

Remote view using RTSP players
DSE IP cameras support RTSP protocol and can be watched using any RTSP player, like REAL PLAYER, QUICKTIME, VST etc.

Privacy masks
Sensitive areas can be masked in order to prevent privacy violation for example in work places or public areas.

Free configuration tool
The IPC SEARCH software provided free of charge with every camera, is useful to search all RP cameras within the network in a matter of seconds. With a few click of your mouse you can set the network options of the camera and make it visible to other computer.

Compatible with ONVIF NVR and CMS software
Using ONVIF standards, the RP range cameras can be connected to any IP recording software or stand-alone NVR (Network Video Recorder) which complies to this international standard.