Mini cameras with mini lens



35x35 color camera AHD 720P

35x35 color camera AHD 1080P  or CVBS

35x35 color camera AHD/CVI/TVI 1080P  or CVBS

35x35 color camera AHD


25x25 B/W camera
CVBS 420 TV lines - Audio

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AHD video output provide HD 720P resolution if connected to AHD DVR
All cameras with this logo come with AHD (Analog High Resolution) video output besides traditional CVBS.
An AHD suitable DVR is required to use the AHD output




AHD 1080P
This camera supports CVBS standard analog (*)
AHD 720P
This camera supports CVBS standard analog (*)
AHD 1080P
4 in 1 camera 1080P AHD/CVI/TVI + CVBS
This camera supports CVBS standard analog

Minicamera with 3.6 mm mini lens
35x35 mm
Low-lux: min. 0.005 lux

AHD 4MP 4 IN 1 camera: AHD+CVI+TVI @ 1080P + CVBS 1000 TVL AHD video output @ FullHD 1920x1080 pixels resolution AHD video output @ HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 1000 TVL resolution
3,6 mm. fixed lens Low-Lux sensitivity - Min. 0.005 Lux

(*): These AHD cameras marked with the asterisk cannot be switched to CVBS analog mode by user.
Should you need the camera supplied in standard CVBS 1000 TVL mode, please write it in the comment space while ordering.



This camera supports CVBS standard analog

Minicamera with 3.6 mm mini lens
35x35 mm

420 TVL video resolution 3.6 mm. M12 lens Built-in microphone


mini-cameras datasheet


The mini lens supplied as standard is a wide angle 3.6 mm lens, but any DSE mini lens can be used.
>>> See more lenses

Several kind of dome casings for mini-cameras are available
>>> See housings


These mini cameras are an excellent solution when mounting space is limited and overall dimensions must be as small as possible.
DSE mini cams are not much larger than a coin and can therefore be easily installed anywhere. Unlike the minicameras for fully hidden applications, which have a pin-hole lens, these cameras come with an interchangeable mini lens which provides superior image quality and low light performance.

Mini size
What makes these cameras unique in our product range is the very small size. Our mini casing is just a little bit bigger than a coin: only 35x35x29 mm, including the lens.
In spite of the small size, these cameras are 100% made of metal and do not suffer overheating.
All cameras come with removable mounting bracket.


AHD cameras - Analog HD

Analog HD - AHD
AHD technology is the latest development in the analog CCTV industry and is supported by almost all models in this range.
Launched in May 2014 by Nextchip, worldwide leader in DSP for CCTV cameras, AHD technology brings analog cameras up to 1MP (HD720P 1280x720), 2MP (FULL HD 1080P 1920x1080), 3MP (2048x1536) e 4MP (2560x1440) video resolution. Before AHD, megapixel resolution was only possible using digital cameras.
Connected to latest generation AHD DVR, these cameras provide megapixel resolution, with no latency, still being low cost and easy to install as standard analog cameras.
Like any analog cameras, AHD cameras can be wired by normal coaxial or twisted pair cables up to several hundreds meters.
Our range of AHD cameras includes cameras from 1 to 4 megapixel.

Suitable for CVBS traditional analog systems
All cameras in this range are able to produce a composite video output (CVBS) suitable to any old D1/960H DVR or any TV set.
In CVBS mode, our AHD cameras provide lower resolution, but still comparable to the best 1000 TVL analog cameras.

Image sensors
One of the most critical factors which is making the difference among the cameras is the image sensor.
CCD sensors have been for years the primary choice for CCTV cameras in consequence of their superior pixel sensitivity. In recent times, CMOS technology took over, being more suitable to high megapixel resolution.
DSE chose SONY CMOS sensors for all AHD cameras.

Camera Size
Telecamera AHD - Risoluzione analogica megapixel
Telecamera CVI/TVI - Risoluzione analogica megapixel
This camera supports CVBS standard analog
Sensor Audio
RE-TCC4HD 35x35
depth 29
720P - 1000 TVL
(on request)
CMOS 1/3"
RE-TCC4FD 35x35
depth  29
1080P - 1000 TVL
(on request)
CMOS 1/3"
RE-TCC4FD4 35x35
depth  29
1080P 1080P 1000 TVL CMOS 1/3"
RE-TCC4N 35x35
depth  29
4MP - - CMOS 1/3"
Camera Size
This camera supports CVBS standard analog
Sensor Audio
RE-TBC4 25x25
depth 25
420 TVL
CCD 1/3"


High low lux performance -Up to 0.005 lux
Mini cameras do not come with built-in IR and are even not suitable to external IR illuminators. That's because they need to be small, to fit tiny casings and are used quite foten for covert surveillance.
For monitoring in the dark without IR, our mini cameras are designed to provide very high low light sensitivity.
AHD models may work down to 0,005 lux.

The lens
These mini cameras come with an S-Mount mini lens. This type of lenses, designed for mini cams, provide similar quality and low light performance than bigger lenses.
The standard lens is 3.6 mm focal length, which gives a wide-angle view, normally suitable to short distance view. The standard lens can be anyway replaced by any other S type M12 lens (see lens page) and this makes these cameras suitable to any environment from small rooms to faraway surveillance.

Audio minicameras with audio
420 TVL cameras (RE-TBC4) come with a built-in high sensitivity microphone for audio. The microphone is placed beside the lens.
All other high resolution models, come without microphone. In this case, if audio is required, an additional external microphones, can be used.

Mounting bracket
All cameras come with a mini mounting bracket than can be used for installing the camera by screws. In case it is not required by your application, this bracket can be easily removed.

Like all analog cameras, these cameras can be connected by wires to a video-recorder (DVR).
A 50 cm. cable with DC Plug and BNC female video connector, comes out from the back side of the camera.
A 220VAC/12VDC power adaptor can be connected to the DC plug to power up the camera. Min 1000mA, fully regulated, power adaptor is required. Should you prefer to provide the power from a central point you can order a power supply unit in metal casing.
Video signal must be hard-wired to DVR using RG59 or RG179 coaxial cable (see cables). Coaxial cable must be terminated with BNC connectors. Alternatively, the video signal can also be wired using a twisted pair installing on both ends two balun converters.
AHD cameras connects exactly as all other analog cameras, but provide HD resolution only with AHD DVR.
For further information, have a look at the DSE tutorials which include several useful lessons about how to wire a CCTV system.

The product includes
  Camera with 3.6 mm. M12 mini lens
  Swivel bracket
  Video+power cable 

PLEASE NOTE: 220VAC/12VDC power adaptor, if required, must be ordered separately